Thursday, October 13, 2016


Today, my baby girl turns four.

Today, my baby girl turns four.  And her aunt, who came down from New York for the week to help me out, took her to school with a tray full of cupcakes to share with her friends.  Said aunt made those cupcakes yesterday, while I was sitting in the Press Tent sharing fun #DuttaFHI updates with you.

Today my baby girl turns four.  She's off eating a special birthday lunch, and visiting the candy store.  I am sitting in my living room, updating the schedule for the website and trying to keep sponsors happy and sharing all the lovely pictures that EventingNation and USEA are posting of Dressage action at #DuttaFHI.  I am not there, because my own chair is more comfy.  And warmer.  But I am still working.  While my Birthday Girl is off celebrating her birthday.

Days like today, when my baby girl turns four, I wonder about the balance between my Fair Hill Family and my Actual Family.  And I wonder if I am getting it right.  I know many of our Volunteers and Competitors have the same struggle, with the balance between Family and Eventing.  And I wonder if we're always being fair to our Actual Family.
My Actual Family spent some time on Mother's Day at the FHI May Starter Trials.
I don't know that I am getting it right.  The balance between Family and Eventing.  I don't know, always, that my Actual Family is OK with the sacrifice they have to make, for me to meet the demands of my Fair Hill Family.

My baby girl turns four today, on the first day of competition at #DuttaFHI.  Probably I should have planned that better, five-odd years ago.  My apologies to my Fair Hill baby.  Next year.  Next year I'll do better.  Next year the calendar works in my favor, and her birthday won't fall on Fair Hill weekend.

My baby girl turns four today.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.  I promise I'll be home tonight for cake.

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