Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our #DuttaFHI Family

There's lots of professional equine and eventing journalists and photographers out there who do amazing coverage of our #DuttaFHI event.  Amazing.  So we're happy to let those guys do their work covering horses and riders.  That's what they know best.  We'll just share it.

What do WE know best?  Our family.  Our people.  Our friends.  So that's what WE focus on with our social media posts.  Yes, yes, there's horses out there.  We know that.  But what are YOU doing?

Do our posts of people and things get as many views and likes as our posts of Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin?  No.  No, they certainly do not.  But we know we're right when we say that Fair Hill is so special because of its people.  And that's what we're going to show you here - our favorite posts of people (and maybe some dogs) who make Fair Hill incredible.  Our favorite posts of YOU from the weekend.  Because YOU are amazing.  And YOU are Family.  Like it or not!

We wholeheartedly support our family - even when long-time volunteers have the gall to ABANDON us and show a horse in the CCI 2* division!! We're super proud of you, Ellie. You'll get 'em next year, and we'll be cheering for you!

This is it. This is the core of the family. The movers and the shakers and the people who stay up til well past 11PM just GETTING STUFF DONE. Do they sleep the week of #DuttaFHI? No. No, they do not. These are my people. These are my family.

Yes, yes, I know. I KNOW there's a horse in this picture. But look at that little family! Chelsea Kolman ROCKED IT all weekend at #DuttaFHI, and I am sure the support of her guy was key to her success.

Hooray for family and adding to the family!

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Who's family to the competitors? The grooms. Indispensable family.

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Who else is family for the competitors? The coaches. Also indispensable family.

Eventing moms are the best!  Best family around!

And also Eventing wives. Amazing!

And Eventing owners! Couldn't do it without you!

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And let's not forget Eventing kids. Perhaps the most amazing of all, what with all the eventing nonsense they have to endure.

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See? Eventing kids, man. Amazing.

This one is MY Eventing kid. Not even so much an Eventing kid as a Fair Hill kid. Which means she has to endure A LOT. ;-)

My four year old is, to be honest, a little irritated that none of your brought her a unicorn for her birthday...

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Way to shine, Awards Army! All that sweat and hard work has turned you in to the Awards FAMILY.

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John Nunn, AMAZING supporter of eventers! He is family to all eventers, near and far.

The Eventing Press become family, as they see each other every weekend covering events.

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Woodge Fulton says it best - every day with the best people is an amazing day.

THANK YOU, Megan, for being part of the family!

Horse people are dog people. And dogs are, naturally, part of the family as well.

And you, Spectators - you are family, too! We could have a world-class cross country course and invite world-class competitors. But why do they come? They come because YOU come. You've now joined the family. You're welcome!

PS - Beware! Once you're part of the family, we might not EVER let you go!

So here's to YOU, Family. Cheers to you, and THANKS for doing your part in making #DuttaFHI incredible.

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