Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our #DuttaFHI Family

There's lots of professional equine and eventing journalists and photographers out there who do amazing coverage of our #DuttaFHI event.  Amazing.  So we're happy to let those guys do their work covering horses and riders.  That's what they know best.  We'll just share it.

What do WE know best?  Our family.  Our people.  Our friends.  So that's what WE focus on with our social media posts.  Yes, yes, there's horses out there.  We know that.  But what are YOU doing?

Do our posts of people and things get as many views and likes as our posts of Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin?  No.  No, they certainly do not.  But we know we're right when we say that Fair Hill is so special because of its people.  And that's what we're going to show you here - our favorite posts of people (and maybe some dogs) who make Fair Hill incredible.  Our favorite posts of YOU from the weekend.  Because YOU are amazing.  And YOU are Family.  Like it or not!

We wholeheartedly support our family - even when long-time volunteers have the gall to ABANDON us and show a horse in the CCI 2* division!! We're super proud of you, Ellie. You'll get 'em next year, and we'll be cheering for you!

This is it. This is the core of the family. The movers and the shakers and the people who stay up til well past 11PM just GETTING STUFF DONE. Do they sleep the week of #DuttaFHI? No. No, they do not. These are my people. These are my family.

Yes, yes, I know. I KNOW there's a horse in this picture. But look at that little family! Chelsea Kolman ROCKED IT all weekend at #DuttaFHI, and I am sure the support of her guy was key to her success.

Hooray for family and adding to the family!

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Who's family to the competitors? The grooms. Indispensable family.

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Who else is family for the competitors? The coaches. Also indispensable family.

Eventing moms are the best!  Best family around!

And also Eventing wives. Amazing!

And Eventing owners! Couldn't do it without you!

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And let's not forget Eventing kids. Perhaps the most amazing of all, what with all the eventing nonsense they have to endure.

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See? Eventing kids, man. Amazing.

This one is MY Eventing kid. Not even so much an Eventing kid as a Fair Hill kid. Which means she has to endure A LOT. ;-)

My four year old is, to be honest, a little irritated that none of your brought her a unicorn for her birthday...

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Way to shine, Awards Army! All that sweat and hard work has turned you in to the Awards FAMILY.

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John Nunn, AMAZING supporter of eventers! He is family to all eventers, near and far.

The Eventing Press become family, as they see each other every weekend covering events.

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Woodge Fulton says it best - every day with the best people is an amazing day.

THANK YOU, Megan, for being part of the family!

Horse people are dog people. And dogs are, naturally, part of the family as well.

And you, Spectators - you are family, too! We could have a world-class cross country course and invite world-class competitors. But why do they come? They come because YOU come. You've now joined the family. You're welcome!

PS - Beware! Once you're part of the family, we might not EVER let you go!

So here's to YOU, Family. Cheers to you, and THANKS for doing your part in making #DuttaFHI incredible.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Many Hands Make Light work

It may have seemed on Saturday and Sunday that @fairhillint was EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME on Instagram.  No, I didn't grow wings.  But I DID have some fantastic help by the name of Larissa, who wandered far and wide and chatted with folks and took some lovely pictures and did lots of Instagram photos.  Many thanks, Larissa, for helping me out!

I neglected to get a picture of Larissa herself, but here's some of my favorite Instagram posts of hers:

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THANKS, Larissa - you made my job lots easier!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Four days of competition at #DuttaFHI makes us tired, guys.    EVERYONE.  It makes everyone tired.  Our family.  Our competitors.  Our canine friends.

Here's a peek back at some snoozing.  I sincerely hope you ALL have been able to catch up on sleep the past couple days!

 Shannon Baker's horse, in the YEH 5 Year Old barn

 No wonder the CCI 2* champ is so fast - she practices in her sleep!

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If you're going to hike alllll the way up to that table then, yes. Yes you'd better just pass out on it!

A photo posted by Will Coleman Equestrian (@willcolemanequestrian) on
We think this is a sign that announcer Brian O'Connor talks too much...

A photo posted by Doug Payne (@dpequestrian) on
Doug Payne's wife Jess is no fool - sleep while you can!

No internets - it's kind of like sleeping!

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Bright sunny days make pups sleepy...

So I came home Friday night after GALLOPING around the cross country course trying to keep up with the long legged Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and... collapsed. Whew! Slow down, girl!

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Not a bad place to sleep, really.  Blocks out some of that pesky sunlight.

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Julie Richards' horse Urlanmore Beauty

Ruth and Sharyn needed a little rest on Sunday, after hosting 50 + Vendors all weekend

A photo posted by Jennie Brannigan (@jenniebrannigan) on
Stella Artois deserves her beauty rest after winning the CCI 2*. Rest up! We look forward to seeing you again in 2017!

Good night, Friends. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making Fair Hill what it is. We're closing up the 2016 competition year, and we look forward to seeing all our friends in 2017!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday Update

Thank you for a great event!
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The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International is an equine three day event.  Competition runs from Thursday October 13 - Sunday October 16, 2016 in beautiful Fair Hill, Maryland.


To all our Volunteers, Competitors, Vendors, Officials, and Spectators - THANKS for a wonderful weekend!

The official competition update is below.  We wanted to first thank YOU!  We have the very best Fair Hill International family.  We have the very best volunteers.  We have the very best officials.  We have the very best competitors.  We have the very best vendors.  And we have the very best spectators.  Thank YOU for making the 2016 Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International such a success!  And may we also tip our hat to Mother Nature, for three solid days of sunshine and perfect weather?  What a weekend!
We want to give extra special acknowledgement to our 2016 Volunteer of the Year, John Ryan.  John Ryan is one of those "Behind the Scenes" guys at #DuttaFHI who does EVERYTHING, but you'd never know it because the competitors don't really see him.  But you DO see him, in a way.  You see him in all the cross country fences.  You see him in painting, and decorations.  You see him in galloping lanes.  You see John Ryan IN everything we do at Fair Hill, and especially in cross country.  You just don't ACTUALLY see John Ryan.  John is a Founding Member of Fair Hill International - he was part of the team that moved the event to Fair Hill NRMA in 1989.  We were delighted to bring John in to the main arena today, to give him the recognition he deserves.
John Ryan receiving his Volunteer of the Year award from Executive Director Carla Geiersbach, John Nunn from Bit of Britain, and The Dutta Corp's Tim Dutta
We've got so many updates and photos on our FaceBook page, and we'll keep updating for another week or so.  Keep checking back!
Fair Hill International's FaceBook Page
Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous Win the CCI*** at The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International

Fair Hill, MD - October 16, 2016 - The final day of competition took center stage at The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International CCI in Fair Hill, Maryland. Sally Ike's show jumping course was big and forward riding in both the CCI*** and CCI** Fall Championships. Winning the USEF CCI*** Fall Championship with a double clear show jumping round was Marilyn Little with RF Scandalous. In the CCI** Fall Championship Jennie Brannigan was foot perfect in show jumping to hold onto her lead and was crowned as the USEF CCI** Fall Champion.

Little with both horses, RF Demeter and RF Scandalous, were in fine form going into the final show jumping phase. Jumping a clear round aboard RF Scandalous, who initially led the field after dressage, cemented the duos lead and won top honors in the USEF CCI*** Fall Championship with a score of 46.30. Little's second ride of the day, RF Demeter, had an unlucky rail dropping the pair from first to  second ending with a 48.60. With rails causing problems for the top horse-and-rider combinations, Hanna Sue Burnett piloted Under Suspection to a clean round to move them up to a third place finish with a score of 49.60.
CCI*** Fall Champion Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous. Photo Shannon Brinkman

"I really couldn't of had had a better day with those two," said Little. "Scandalous was lovely out there. She showed what an exciting horse she is now and for the future." Commenting on her ride on Demi, Little observed,  "I truthfully thought it was Demi's weekend."  She smiled, "It's just the way the chips fell but she's just as deserving and is truly an incredibly horse, partner, and has made my time in eventing so special."

Third place competitor Burnett was especially pleased with Under Suspection's performance. "I was pretty excited today. She gives me a lot of confidence in the ring and I was excited for show jumping. She was exciting today."

In the USEF CCI** Fall Championship, Brannigan brilliantly rode Stella Artois around Ike's course securing a first place finish, ending on her dressage score of 44.50. In reserve was Emily Beshear and Silver Night Lady. The pair had a clear round in show jumping and finished the weekend with a score of 45.00.  In third with a 45.80 was 2016 Rio Olympic veteran Lauren Kieffer riding Landmark's Monaco to round out the top three in the CCI** Fall Championship.
 CCI** Fall Champion Jennie Brannigan and Stella Artois. Photo Shannon Brinkman

"With Toddie, (Stella Artois) it's a connection. This time a year and this place is very emotional for me because of Cooper and time doesn't seem to make that easier," said Brannigan. "I'm just thrilled. I had her overly fit for this event. I'm so happy, she jumped well. Even I was feeling nervous going into it, but she felt fit and ready to go."

Beshear commented on her ride on Silver Night Lady, "I'm thrilled mostly for the group that's behind me, the Deep Purple Eventing group. My goal from the beginning was to get a 2* qualifier done this year. Coming here and finishing second really helps to make everyone realize the effort we all put in. To me it's balancing her out and keeping her focused in the ring without messing with her too much. She was jumping out of her skin. I'm certainly happy with that."

Lauren Kieffer on Landmark's Monaco, "He's a really great show jumper and has a lot of experience. He is a lovely horse and tries so hard. It's fun to have homebreds and produce them to the level and have them do well. He felt fresh as a daisy (after cross-country) and jumped a beautiful round."

The USEF awarded the 2016 Developing Rider Award to Jenny Caras with Ferhill Fortitude while fellow competitor Caroline Martin and Pebbly Maximus took reserve. Winning the USEF CCI** Young Rider award at The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International Fall Championship was Chelsea Kolman and Dauntless Courage.  In reserve for the CCI** Young Rider was Grace Fulton riding Wild Orange. Matthew Flynn and his horse Wizzard was awarded The USEF National Young Horse while Chris Talley with Unmaked Bills took reserve. Both USEF Young Horse award recipients competed in the CCI**.
The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International is one of America's most recognized three-day events. Hosting some of the tops riders and horses in the world, Fair Hill has something for everyone. Spectators can experience the excitement of the competition; view numerous demonstrations and to enjoy fantastic food, shopping in numerous country and equestrian vendor shops.
2015 CCI3* Winner Tamra Smith and Mai Baum
Since 1989, Fair Hill International has offered one of the most prestigious international three day events in the world, located at the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area in beautiful Fair Hill, Maryland.
Eventing is the ultimate test of a horse and rider and has been referred to as the Triathlon of equestrian sport. Through tests in dressage, cross country, and show jumping the horse and rider work together to show that they can compete in the most demanding and highest levels of equestrian sports.

In 2013 FHI joined forces with title sponsor The Dutta Corporation. The Dutta Corp is a leading international horse transportation company that was recently named the Official Shipper for the US Eventing Team.
Fair Hill International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions to Fair Hill International are tax deductible within the limits of current federal and state tax law.

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