Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We miss you!

We miss you!  The week after Fair Hill is always a bit of a let-down after the high-flying we did for five straight days with you.  For five days we're living and breathing Fair Hill, and then suddenly we're back to laundry and making dinner and taking kids to school and planning how many Halloween celebrations we have to go to OMG NOT ANOTHER ONE!  No?  Not your life?  Just mine?  OK, carry on.  We still miss you!

We miss the competition:

And the celebration:

We miss the glamour:

And the guts:

We miss the decorations:

And we miss The Dutta Corp:

We miss the family:

And the friends:

And, let's be honest - we really kind of miss all your muscles!

It takes us two solid weeks of time to set up our city.  We have some faithful volunteers who come paint, decorate, set galloping lanes, set dressage rings, throw straw bales around, and position flowers and pumpkins.  And then we have SO MANY great volunteers who help make our event run smoothly.  And then Monday morning rolls around.

We're fortunate to have a solid core of clean-up crew - Rupert, Pip, John Ryan, Russ, Roger, Kathie, and Bodgie.  Always, always Bodgie.

But, still.  It feels like something is missing.

We'll get through it.  We've got planning to do, already, for next year.  Which, by the way, will happen October 13 - 16, 2016.  Mark your calendars now!  We're looking forward to it.

But still.  We miss you.

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