Thursday, September 24, 2015

Forging an Entrance

Seth Barchowsky is an artist.  A tall, strong artist who happens to work with metal.  Steel.  Iron.  Bronze.  And fire.  Hot coal fire.  And hammers, and vices, and tongs.  And an amazingly skilled eye, and beautiful vision for what he wants to create.

He also happens to be a tremendously nice guy, and Rupert's neighbor.  Aaaaand, you can see where THAT leads.  Yep.  Seth's making us something for Fair Hill.  Two things, actually.  Two HUGE, impressive gates for the VIP Tent entrance.  Which, if the finished products are anything like the pieces and the sketch I saw this morning, are going to be spectacular.

The Dutta FHI logo, which will be inset in each gate
Seth is old school.  He's been working with metal for 14 years.  Before that, he was a woodworker.  He believes in the aesthetics of his work.  He wants the things he makes to look like they have always been there.  Like they belong there.  He takes stock steel and heats it up and bangs on it for a while simply to give it texture.  To make it more aesthetically pleasing.

And then he makes amazingly detailed, intricate things.  Twisted metal rods that gently hold your wine bottle for you, and your wine glass, too.  Beautiful, bronze finished flowers.  Leaves that magically appear out of a piece of recycled steel rod.  Horses (his wife is a horsewoman, and he lives on a horse farm).  Foxes.  Hoof picks.  Lots and lots of hoof picks.

Can't wait to see Seth's gates when he delivers them on Fair Hill Wednesday.  He plans to use the gates as an entrance for his own farm, but if you see them and you love them...  make Seth an offer!  You could walk away with two new gates.  Well, you won't be WALKING anywhere with them.  I'm not sure how Seth is going to move them, but it certainly isn't going to be by hand.

Seth at his coal-burning forge
Bronzed flowers
How does a piece of metal just become a leaf?
Kind of like this - heat up a piece of recycled steel rod from an old building.
Use a fancy mechanical hammer kind of thing to get the shape you desire.
Looking sort of leaf-like, if you squint
Fancy mechanical hammer thing comes from right up the road in Lancaster.
Seth gets a bit more leaf shaping on the mechanical hammer (this is after at least five times in the coal forge)
Hot hot fire, hot hot steel
The final shaping is too delicate for the mechanical hammer.  Seth does this part by hand.
Bang, bang, bang, add in some leafy texture, and Seth has just created a leaf.
That took about 20 minutes and maybe 10 times heating in the forge.
It was pretty well impossible to get a picture of Seth's sketch of the FHI gates.  But just imagine for me.  Here's Seth's sketch.  Next to (and taller than) the six-step ladder.  It's going to be HUGE and AWESOME.
Horse's head, in sketch.  The gate will be an entire horse.
The Dutta FHI logo will be inset in the horse's jaw bone.  But, hey - I'm positive Seth can make YOUR farm's logo out of metal
Thanks, Seth, for a fun and informative morning!  See you again in a few weeks.

Friday, September 11, 2015

You're Invited...

You're invited to The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International!
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The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International is an equine three day event.  Competition runs from Thursday October 15 - Sunday October 18 in beautiful Fair Hill, Maryland.

You're Invited...

Purchase Your Tickets Here! (PayPal or via Snail Mail)
2014 CCI3* Winner Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda
Since 1989, Fair Hill International has offered one of the most prestigious international three day events in the world, located at the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area in beautiful Fair Hill, Maryland.
Eventing is the ultimate test of a horse and rider and has been referred to as the Triathlon of equestrian sport. Through tests in dressage, cross country, and show jumping the horse and rider work together to show that they can compete in the most demanding and highest levels of equestrian sports.

In 2013 FHI joined forces with title sponsor The Dutta Corporation. The Dutta Corp is a leading international horse transportation company that was recently named the Official Shipper for the US Eventing Team.
Fair Hill International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions to Fair Hill International are tax deductible within the limits of current federal and state tax law.

Proceeds benefit

Saturday, September 5, 2015

40 Days Until Dressage!

40 Days Until Dressage!

Great Tailgating News; Let's Meet The Dutta Corporation; Who Do We Benefit?

FHI is hosting our first ever Tailgate Competition!  The theme this October 17th is "Road to Rio."  Use your Tailgating spirit to help cheer on our competitors as they look to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janero, Brazil.

There will be two categories for judging:
1)  Best decorations/presentation (Brazilian and/or Olympic theme)
2)  The best Caipirinha cocktail

Grand prize for Presentation is half off the price of your tailgate spot in 2016!  We will have other great prizes, too.

Our guest panel of judges will be around to judge tailgate sites from 9:30 -11:30 am.  If your guests insist on eating before the judges arrive, take pictures of your spread.  Participation is optional, of course, although we highly recommend learning to make the Brazilian national drink!  Remember no flying flapping flags that will scare our equine competitors.  And, unfortunately, no flaming fire to cook Brazilian beef.

Can't wait to see your Olympic spirit!  Share your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and be sure to use the hashtag #DuttaFHI so we can see how great you all look!
Our friends from The Equiery will be tailgating again with us this year.  Bring us your best Olympic spirit, guys!
Purchase Tickets, Tailgating, VIP Seating, and Raffle Tickets HERE!

 Meet The Dutta Corporation

Founded in 1988, The Dutta Corp is owned by J. Tim Dutta and has offices in both North Salem, New York and Wellington, FL. The Dutta Corp is a global leader in the business of equine air transportation with a world-wide reputation of excellence.  The Dutta Corp stands apart from its competition because their core mission is to place the horse's needs above all else and set the standards for equine air travel. The Dutta Corp knows that horses are so much more than just freight to be moved, and caters to owners', riders', teams' and grooms' needs and destinations. Customers choose from regular weekly flights, charter flights, or create custom flight services. The air fleet consists of the Boeing 747, 727-200, MD-11, KLM, Lufthansa, Martin Air, El Al and FEDEX.

The winning rider of The Dutta Corporation Fair Hill International CCI3* earns a free flight to anywhere in the world on one of The Dutta Corp's planes.  The 2014 winner, Jennie Brannigan, will be using her free flight to compete Nina Gardner's Cambalda in the CCI 4* event at Pau, France, the weekend after The Dutta Corp FHI.  We'd like to extend our best wishes to Jennie and Cambalda in France!

Meet Our Beneficiary,

The Union Hospital Foundation

The Union Hospital Foundation was founded in 1991 and is a nonprofit arm of Affinity Health Alliance. The Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation as described in section 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Union Hospital Foundation relies upon charitable contributions to address the needs of the hospital that are not met by traditional funding sources. The Foundation has helped to fund new facilities and equipment, new programming and technology, and established endowment to fund the future of medicine at Union Hospital. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that every dollar it receives is spent in accordance with the donor’s wishes and the hospital’s needs.