Thursday, July 2, 2015

Have You Supported Our Sport Today?

Our FHI Friends are fantastic!  Our first donation via PayPal came in with TWO HOURS of our launching our first ever cyber appeal!  THANK YOU!

While the quick response was much appreciated, we still need the support of our FHI friends.  Here are 3 MORE reasons to donate to FHI:

1. You are passionate about our sport!  You either competed in the rain on Saturday, have ridden xc in the pouring rain before, or at least understand the riders who chose to enter the start box even if it meant getting drenched.

2. You want to thank our FABULOUS volunteers who braved the weather ALL DAY LONG so that all of our riders could “complete their mission.”  We get it – you get it – let’s thank the folks who make it all possible.

3. You know that our future Olympic team riders will, at one time or another, ride at Fair Hill.  Maybe our 2020 or 2024 gold medalist was part of the Pony Club rally that happened during our horse trial on Saturday.  Maybe, just maybe, one of those soaking wet kids will bring glory and pride to our sport and our country.

Help us SUPPORT THE SPORT!!  To donate via PayPal or to use your credit card, please CLICK HERE today!

Contributions to Fair Hill International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, are tax-deductible.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

PS – Want to read a bit more about our wet and soggy Starter Trials on Saturday?  Our friend and amazing volunteer Holly Covey wrote about it HERE.  Thanks, Holly!  And thanks for the photos in this blog posting, as well.