Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Planting The Steps

Do you guys remember, last October, walking down below the Food Court and past a yellow sign that said "Judy's Garden"?  Do you remember our Judy?  Our Judy Thayer, who we lost last summer?  Do you remember losing a little piece of your heart, and wondering how FHI would ever be the same without Judy?  Remember all that?

Yeah.  We do, too.  The loss of Judy still sits heavy in our FHI hearts.  That little patch of Judy's Garden last October was just a glimpse of a total remodeling of the old Steps.  Steps that Judy surely had a hand in.  Steps that needed a face lift.  And what better way to give a face lift than to plant them with native, sustainable, perennial plants that would provide color and beauty throughout the year?  Most of the time the Steps will simply be a pretty place for all the Fair Hill NRMA hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to pass by and enjoy.  But twice a year (in April and October) when we use the cross country course on Gallaher Road, Judy's Scaredy Cat will be placed in the garden at the Steps.  And then when we walk by or ride by, we can give a little wave and remember our dear friend Judy.

Last weekend a small group of amazing, dedicated, hard-working volunteers spent more than six hours planting and mulching the Steps.  Our eternal gratitude goes out to:  Jodie Shivery - Landscape Designer; David Roseman; Amy Estes Becker; Maria Lewis; Kathie Troutman; Annette Bickel; Paul & Jean Warren; Cynthia & Rupert Rossetti; Barbara & Coates Bateman; Ben Leader (on Friday); Bodgie Read, who delivered lunch; John Ryan, who was on site to provide moral support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I know Judy would have been there planting right along with you if she were still with us.  Thanks for making Judy proud.

Judy's Garden last October, during The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International

The Steps, last summer

The Steps, Saturday morning before the planting began.

Plants all placed and ready to be planted, and mulch ready for spreading




And after.  I can't wait to see how it looks all throughout the year.  We will be sure to take pictures to keep you updated!

Again, many many thanks to the volunteers who came to help.  We asked.  You came.  Thank you.

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