Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Updates

Spring has finally arrived!  It’s been a busy few weeks at Fair Hill International with endurance and Horse Trials.  Our Foxcatcher Endurance ride was held on Saturday April 11.  Despite the rain the week of the ride the trails and the base camp held up and stayed in excellent shape.  Forty seven riders started the 50 mile ride, with 40 of them completing.  Amy Warrington rode Mind of His Own to the win, with a ride time of four hours, twenty six minutes.  Meg Sleeper’s Syrocco Cadence took home the Best Conditioned award.  Sixty seven riders started the 25 mile ride, with 59 of them completing.  Aimee Hall rode In XHess for the win, with a ride time of two hours, thirty six minutes.  Jim Brosious’ Solar El Nisr took home the BC award.  We had a great team of volunteers, including many St. Augustine Pony Club members.  Many thanks to all for making this a successful ride!  Full results can be found on the Foxcatcher website.

Our first Horse Trials of the year just wrapped up on Sunday.  It was a busy one, with CIC one, two, and three star divisions along with Training, Prelim, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions.  We had a full house, and three very full days of competition with three dressage rings running at the Gallaher Road site as well as one more ring at the Fairgrounds.  Cross country ran CIC three star and the Advanced divisions at the Gallaher Road site, while all other divisions ran in the Sawmill Field.  Matthew Brown came all the way from California to pick up the win in the CIC three star with Super Socks BCF.  Waylon Roberts, part of the Phillip Dutton Eventing team, rode Bill Owen to the win in the CIC two star division.  And the highly successful Remington XXV, who was a reserve horse on the 2012 Olympic squad for Boyd Martin, picked up a win in the CIC one star division with his young rider Camilla Grover-Dodge.    We saw lots of familiar faces in the top spots of our other divisions, with Ryan Wood winning Advanced, and Mara DePuy and Sally Cousins picking up wins in the Intermediate divisions.  Full results can be found at our Horse Trials website.

Executive Director Carla Geiersbach spent the weekend on a quest to meet and thank every single volunteer we had at the Horse Trials.  How many volunteers does it take to run a Horse Trials, you may ask?  You’ll have to read her blog post to find out!  Our friends and neighbors at The Fair Hill Inn donated a Sunday Supper for Two to one of our lucky volunteers, and the winner of that lovely prize is Bri Beiler, who volunteered on Saturday for us as a fence judge.  Thanks to the Fair Hill Inn, and many many thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help.  We can’t run an event like this (or ANY event, for that matter) without our volunteers.  Thanks for all that you do!

With the start of the competition season also comes the start of cross country schooling season.  We have fifteen schooling sessions scheduled for the year, with the first one slated for (but unfortunately cancelled because of wet conditions) Tuesday.  So we will try again this Saturday from noon – four.  Check out the schooling page for all the info you need to know.

We have two Horse Trials scheduled in May, plus a Combined Driving Event and another Horse Trials in June.  Once we get started we don’t stop to breathe until after The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International in October.  Speaking of which – the dates for that are October 15 – 18, 2015.  Put it on your calendar and join us!  Preparations are already well under way – I hear that we’ve got a couple brand new coffin jumps already completed.  We’re looking forward to showing them to you this fall!

Happy Spring, friends!

The FHI Team

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