Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Morning Forecast

Happy Fair Hill Wednesday!

We just had a little line of showers roll through.  We look dry for the next few hours, but a doozy of a storm is just to the west of us.  If you're coming for the jog this afternoon, bring your rain gear, and keep checking our website and our FaceBook page to see if we are delayed at all.

We still have a waitlist for the CCI2* of four horses.  Those horses will be ready to jog if any 2* horses do not pass inspection.

Also note on the web that we've tentatively moved the Cross Country start for Saturday to 8:30 AM.  This is sure to change a couple million times between now and then, so do please keep checking back.

Welcome to The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International!  Stay dry out there today!

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