Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Tuesday Before

It's Tuesday, one week out from The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International.  The jumps are flagged, but some painting still needs to happen and a vast majority of the decorating remains unfinished.  The main arena still lies empty.  Stadium jumps have not yet arrived.  If you ride your mountain bike or walk your dog or ride your horse through the competition grounds you might not realize that in a week, some of the best horses and riders in the world will be RIGHT HERE, where you are walking or riding, competing in a world-class three-day event.

But you might get an inkling, if you looked up on the hill above the main arena...

Here's some photos from Tuesday!

Hey, look!  A tent!

Everyone's favorite guy who does everything, Frank, drives his truck toward another task.

Awesome, fantastic volunteers, committee members, board members, and executive directors meet on Tuesday morning to discuss tent placement.

Need water?  We got some!

Fantastic crew from A&M Tent Events works on VIP tent set-up

The view we all know and love.  It's starting to look like an event!

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