Monday, October 20, 2014

Recap the Magic

It's difficult to recap a magical weekend when you were there for a week, immersed.  When you're still tired, and your laundry hasn't been clean in a week, and your house is a mess, and you are suddenly thrust back in to normal LIFE after being on a fun vacation for a week.  It's always difficult to put in to words how much this family has meant to you for a week.  Difficult to thank those who had your back, because it was EVERYONE.  Difficult to say who was a game-changer and a difference-maker, because it was EVERYONE.

Sometimes, or maybe all the time, when you're part of this Fair Hill family you forget that the competitors and the horses have a story, too.  You're so focused on making your little piece of the machine work well, without squeaking, that you forget a little bit about all the blood, sweat, and tears that go in to getting a horse to a competition of this level.  And the luck.  Oh, man, the luck helps too.

That's what I like best about reading all the articles and the results on the Monday after Fair Hill.  I get to read the stories, hear the gratitude, and re-live the magic.

Can I assist you in re-living the magic?  Sure, you could do your own Google search.  But I'll do it for you.  That's why I get paid the big bucks...

Jenni Autrey and our friends at EventingNation did a lovely job all weekend of keeping the eventing world "in the know" at Fair Hill.  Here's just a few of her posts:
CCI3* Show Jumping and Results
Notes from the CCI3* Press Conference
CCI2* Show Jumping and Results
We loved the quote from Boyd Martin in this Press Conference Recap from Saturday
And if you're a video-watching kind of person, here's a link to EN's Videos from the weekend.

Our event is also the USEF National Eventing Championship.  Here's USEF's recap article

Did you know that Cooley Cross Border, the reserve champion in the CCI2*, was the 5-year-old winner of the Young Event Horse East Coast Championship at Fair Hill in 2012?  We love seeing horses come up through the ranks at Fair Hill.  USEA hosted the YEH Championship on Thursday and Friday.  Here's the results - looking forward to seeing these horses back in a couple years!  We were also delighted to note that the YEH 4-year-old winner was also the 3-year-old champion in the Future Event Horse championship held at Fair Hill last year.

Nancy Jaffer has been a reporter at Fair Hill for about forever.  She is thorough, and she does a nice interview.  Can I tell you a story?  I try to keep quiet in the Press Tent, but on Sunday Nancy and her tech support guy were cracking me up.  Bickering all day long.  I finally asked the tech support, who was sitting next to me, if he and Nancy were married.  "It's that obvious?" he replied?  37 years of married bliss, sitting in the Press Tent with me on Sunday.  It was awesome.  Check out her article and sound bites, including some thoughts from cross country course designer Derek diGrazia.

Our local newspaper, the Cecil Whig, is always lovely to work with and gives our event some press in the local paper.  We always like to spread the word to our neighbors that Olympians are competing in their back yard...  Here's their recap from Sunday, along with lots of photos.  The folks at the Whig are excellent forecasters, as you can see by their Thursday preview.

We always think it's pretty fancy when we get printed in The Chronicle of the Horse.  Here's a link to a whole host of articles and FAB photo galleries on their website.

We love our media friends at The Equiery.  Not only do they throw a mean tailgating party on Saturday, but they also cover Maryland's event riders like no other.  They have a recap article here, and a more Maryland-based article here.

You can see the right sidebar of our own blog for blah, blah, blah more results stuff.  Or click this link for a preview of Special Events (I know, I know.  The weekend is done and you don't need a preview.  But did you see EVERYTHING?  Like, really.  EVERYTHING?).  And my personal favorite, which I can't read because it'll make me cry again, is the post about Judy and how she is part of so many aspects of Fair Hill this fall, even though she is no longer with us.  Oh, and check out our Facebook page for oodles of photos - from each day of competition via the amazing and talented Shannon Brinkman; from our fantastic course walk on Friday with Sally Cousins; from the myriad of Special Events throughout the weekend; from the PRO bareback challenge; lots of prep photos and volunteer photos; and photos of every fence on both cross country courses.  Don't miss it!

Done?  All read out?  How much of your work day have you just blown?  You're welcome!

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