Wednesday, October 8, 2014


One week from today we will be watching horses jog.  One week from today over 120 CCI 2* competitors and over 55 CCI 3* competitors will be walking the cross country course, practicing their dressage tests, and having one last cross country schooling in the Sawmill Field.  One week from today the tents will be up.  The vendors will be moving in.  The grass will be mowed.  The jumps will be painted.  The volunteers will be contacted (but we can always use more!).  The trash cans will be out.  The generators will be filled.  And our most important piece, the horses, will all be settled in to their stalls and ready for The Dutta Corporation Fair Hill International.

A couple more jumps wait on ETB Jump’s trailer, ready for placement.

Are you ready?  Do you need a little something to get you more excited?  HERE’S A LINK TO OUR NEW PROMO VIDEO!  Please share it with your friends, and encourage them to join us.  Let’s show our huge number of competitors how much we support them!

TODAY is the very last day you can order tickets online.  The online ticketing page will come down Wednesday night, in order to give our office staff a chance to mail tickets, and then move their entire office a mile down the road to the competition grounds.  HERE’S A LINK TO ORDER TICKETS TODAY!

Course designer Derek DiGrazia checks fence height with Craig from ETB Jumps.  Course decorator Janine McClain looks on.

Wondering who is competing this year?  Wondering how many horses Buck Davidson can ride in a weekend?  HERE’S A LINK TO COMPETITOR INFO!

Looking for a schedule?  Things are still very tentative, as Mary Coldren works round the clock on dressage times and how long it will take this record number of entries to get around the cross country course.  We will update the schedule online as things are more definite, so please check back often!  HERE’S A LINK TO THE SCHEDULE!

Forever volunteer John Ryan looks on as Eric and Derek set a cross country jump at just the right angle.

Want to check out the cross country course live and in person?  Sally Cousins will be hosting a course walk for Pony Club members and all our volunteers at 4:00 on FRIDAY, October 17.  Please park in the Volunteer parking lot and meet at the Main Gate.  HERE’S A LINK TO DIRECTIONS!

Wondering how you can get involved?  Our electrician, Roger Hucker, needs some strong arms to help him hang lights and toss electrical cords around.  Merchandise and Admissions still need some volunteers.  Remember that all volunteers get free admission, prime parking, and a 10% discount at the FHI Merchandise shop!  HERE’S THE LINK TO VOLUNTEER!

Our very own Bodgie flags one of the water complexes.

Got some cash in your pocket?  Need some Christmas gifts?  We’ve got over 50 vendors ready to help you out for the weekend, selling everything from hats and sweaters to saddles and riding boots.  HERE’S THE LINK TO OUR VENDORS, SO YOU CAN START YOUR SHOPPING LIST!

Finally, we need to give a HUGE shout-out to our Sponsors.  Without them, this event would not happen.  The Dutta Corporation returns in its title sponsor role, and they are joined by over 30 other businesses who are supporting our largest event to date.  Please help us send them a huge THANK YOU!  HERE’S A LINK TO ALL OUR SPONSORS!

We can’t wait to see you!  NEXT WEEK!
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2013 The Dutta Corp FHI CCI 3* winner Jan Byyny and Inmidair

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