Tuesday, September 16, 2014

30 Days to Go!

It’s September 16th.  Know what that means?  30 DAYS!!  30 DAYS until The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International!  We are excited to see all of you very soon.  And, let’s be honest, maaaaybe sleeping a little less at night because we’re busy thinking of all the details that still need to be wrapped up.

Let’s tell you about some of those details, shall we?

1      We would love to see you at the event.  How are you going to come?  As a VIP?  As a tailgater?  As someone who rides our faithful shuttle on Saturday and Sunday and comes in the main gate?  However you decide to come, you can buy tickets online NOW, so you don’t have to worry about buying at the gate.  Tickets are starting to get mailed this week.  HERE’S THE LINK TO TICKETING!

2      Do you sell cool stuff?  To fun horse-loving people?  If so, we still have room for you in our Country Shops!  As long as space permits, we will accept both booth and table vendors until October 1.  After that, you’re out of luck.  HERE’S THE LINK TO VENDOR INFO!  Contact Sharyn and Ruth today!

3      Do you enjoy coming to international three day events FOR FREE?  In exchange for a little bit of work on your part?  We still need VOLUNTEERS!  Denise is asking for many admissions volunteers (Can you run a cash register?  Or can you stamp someone’s hand?  Congrats!  You are just the person for the job!)  Our own dear Bodgie is worrying and spending many sleepless nights wondering how to get more volunteers for dressage on Thursday and Friday.  How about skipping out on work to come work with us?  We’re FUN!  Volunteers get FREE ADMISSION to the event, get to meet fantastic new people, and receive our eternal gratitude.  Oh, yeah – and also a discount at the FHI merchandise booth.  HERE’S THE LINK TO VOLUNTEER!

4      We have a very special volunteer request from Roger, our faithful volunteer electrician.  Roger needs a few good men (or women) to help install and maintain the electric power system on site.  Electrical experience is a bonus.  Ability/desire to climb ladders, string up lights, throw ropes in to trees, scramble around in the mud with a gator, and have a wonderful time is all a MUST.  Please contact Roger directly if you are interested.  huckerrn@aol.com

    Do you live relatively close to Fair Hill?  On a busy-ish road?  With a yard or some other area that could be used to display a yard sign?  You all did such an awesome job of advertising for us last year that we ordered 50 more yard signs for this fall.  They are at the FHI office, just waiting for you to come pick them up and display them today.  Thank you so much for helping us spread the word!  Don’t know where we live?  HERE’S A LINK TO OUR CONTACT INFO!

I think that’s it.  30 days til the first day of dressage.  Come tailgate with us.  Buy some tickets.  Be a vendor.  Grab a yard sign or seven.  And VOLUNTEER.  Please, please volunteer.

We can’t wait to see you!
FHI News

PS – First edition of the SCHEDULE is now posted!  HERE’S A LINK!