Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Would Judy Do?

They say there’s no such thing as an indispensable person, but “they” never met Judy Thayer.

Judy was the heart and soul of Fair Hill International and it’s hard to imagine the organization without her. She was the point person in charge of six Horse Trials and fifteen cross-country schooling sessions every year. And when the Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International came around in October, her deft touch was apparent throughout the many facets of the event. She relied on decades of experience to lay out the galloping lanes – indicating the safest and most efficient route between fences – and decorating those obstacles with imaginative flair.

For many years she also served as Treasurer of the FHI Board of Directors. She spent countless hours preparing the annual budget and countless more hours monitoring the company’s financial affairs. The constant flow of questions such as “Can we get another load of crusher run?” or “Can we afford a new dressage ring?” or “Can we overhaul our outdated website?” all led to the same response, “Let’s ask Judy.”

We can’t ask that question any more but we can take comfort in the fact that she left us with the wealth of her knowledge and experience. So that now, when those sticky problems arise, as they inevitably will, we will confidently ask ourselves. “What would Judy do?”

Charlie Colgan
Executive Director

Judy in 2009.  Shannon Brinkman Photo

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