Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Day Countdown

 100 DAYS!!  100 days until the 2014 edition of The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International!

Are you ready?  We think we are.  We’ve got a new Merchandise volunteer, we’re in the middle of finding a new Special Events coordinator, our new exciting cross country course layout requires the building of new fences (which is being handled well by course builder Eric Bull), we’ve got sponsors asking for information and vendors signing up to sell their goods.  On-line ticket sales for VIP and regular admission tickets will start in a few weeks (we’ll let you know when that happens), and tailgating information is up on the web and ready for you to claim your spot for cross country Saturday.

Not enough action for you?  We’ve also just finished up a cross country schooling on Sunday, as well as our second Starter Trials of the year a week before that.  We had about 200 entries for our one-day Starter trial – it was a busy day!  We had lots of happy competitors, and the weather was picture perfect.  We’re on a bit of a “July holiday” until our next Recognized Horse Trials on August 9 and 10.

Nayhe Kim riding “Tom” in the Beginner Novice division

We’re delighted you’re counting down with us!  See you in 100 days!


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