Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wrapping Up the Wrap Ups

It's Thursday.  We've had a few days to recover.  Tents, decorations, and straw bales have all been removed from the competition grounds.  The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International is a thing of the past, and the Fair Hill NMRA has taken its place for another 350 days or so.

There's been some fun wrap-up articles, photos, blogs, helmet cam videos, etc posted this week, and I thought you (and I) might appreciate having some links all on one spot.  Thanks to all of you who came, covered the event, and cared enough to post something about it.

EventingNation, besides providing lovely coverage all weekend of the event, posted this helmet Cam video on Wednesday from CCI 3* competitor (and 4th place winner) Doug Payne.

The Chronicle of the Horse had some nice wrap-up articles, including a great one from the press conference on Sunday.

They also had a nice article about Ellen Doughty, who came from Texas and placed sixth in her very first 3* competition.

And Sinead Halpin wrote a blog post for The Chronicle, discussing her disappointment after her fall on cross country day Saturday.

Doug Payne is blogging for The Chronicle as well, as discusses his weekend (finishing 4th on Crown Talisman), along with videos of his dressage test and his helmet cam video (again).

The Chronicle also did a nice article about Werner Geven and his hot pink attire for the weekend.

Here's a post from Erin Sylvester's blog about her weekend at Fair Hill.

Here's some photos and a quick video from Boyd Martin's website.

And here's a recap of cross country day from Boyd Martin.

Here's video of Boyd's fantastic dressage test with Pancho Villa.

A nice post from Katie Murphy on EventingNation.  Katie placed second in the YEH 5 year old division.

Here's a fun post from super-volunteer Holly Covey, about what she brings with her when she volunteers on cross country day.

Here's a video on YouTube of Allie Blyskal and Sparrow's Nio, and their cross country trip on Saturday.

A little "Behind the Scenes" post from CCI2* competitor Mary Macklin's groom, Katherine Rizzo

And speaking of Mary Macklin, here's a post from her, as well, about her weekend.

Here's a little local coverage from the Cecil Daily.  This one's about dog agility.  And this one's about the event itself.

Here's a little insight from CCI 3* winner Jan Byyny, and a summary of her fantastic weekend.

A quick recap and some photos from Ryan Wood, 2nd in the CCI2*

And finally, a dog's perspective from Fair Hill on Sunday.  Fun!

I'm sure there's more stuff out there that I haven't found.  Have YOU found anything else that you'd like to share?

Also, there's LOTS and LOTS of photos posted from all different people on our Facebook page.  Check them out if you haven't already!

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