Friday, October 4, 2013

The Two Week Flurry

Behind the scenes, things are happening at Fair Hill all year long.  Planning.  Meetings.  Emails.  Ordering supplies.  But those are all things you can't really see when you take a stroll through the Festival grounds.

Now, though?  Take a little hike around the area of Gallaher Road and Big Elk Chapel.  Now, with less than two weeks until "go time" the buzz is palpable.  Paint brushes are flying.  Cars are bouncing across fields.  Flags are leaning against jumps.  Flag poles are looking lonely, with no tents or bleachers to keep them company.  The lay person can tell now that SOMETHING is about to happen.  What that something IS might be a mystery.  But it's something.

Pam Weiderman and Bodgie Read go flying off in a cloud of dust to flag the cross country course
Kathie Troutman, Dennis Davis, and Linda Scholes spruce up the Main Entrance
Kathie (far left) is the decorations queen - on Monday and Tuesday pre-event you'll see her working magic with straw bales, mums and pumpkins.
Katherine Intano pretties up the VIP entrance
Stabling field.  Besides that little scoreboard way down by the trees, you'd never know something big will be happening here soon.
Pam carries flags to one of the cross country jumps
Bodgie, who does a whole lot of pretty much everything around FHI, works on flagging the course.
This jump still needs a little painting, but give it two weeks - it will look lovely just in time.
Still need a few surplus haying supplies to be moved.  But we're delighted the cross country course has been mowed for hay - it sure makes it easier to see the jumps.
Duck sighting!
Baby Girl here wanted to stop to check out the jump that matched her purple outfit.

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