Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tent City

You know, right, that where The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International takes place is usually a big old open field through which you can ride your mountain bike, ride your horse, or walk your dog?  You know that it belongs to the state of Maryland, and we work closely with the Department of Natural Resources to keep the ground in good shape, and make sure we are good stewards of the land?  You know that two weeks ago the grass was so tall you could barely see the jumps, until the farmer who leases the land cut his hay and took it off the field?  You know that there is minimal electricity, and zero running water, and no permanent buildings or structures for us to work out of?  We have, as permanent things go, a large main arena with a jog strip, a Permaflex warm-up arena, and a grass warm-up arena.  And also a partially fenced grass and Permaflex driving dressage arena.  And some cross country jumps that are permanently out in the field.  And that's it.  All the permanent stuff is for the horses.  But for the people?  Nada.

So all this week tents are being brought in and erected by the fine folks at A&M Tent Events.  We've been working with them for years and they are top notch.  After the tents will come the generators, the stringing of the lights, the installation of the stalls, the tables, the chairs, the banners, the straw, the mums, the pumpkins.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  First things first.  Tents.  The beginnings of our little tent city.  Many thanks to Denise Mallie (head of Admissions) for the photos!

The Stabling tent.  I never know why that tent gets to be blue and white striped, and all the others are just plain white.
Takes many brains to figure out just the exact right placement of the Country Shops tent.
More Country Shops discussion
Measuring and marking for the Fair Hill Club tent above the Main Arena
The Fair Hill Club tent, looking at it from the entrance.  It will have sides before the event begins.
The familiar view I always love seeing - the Fair Hill Club tent above the Main Arena
And tent city has begun.
Stay tuned for more prep photos!

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