Thursday, October 17, 2013

People Doing Things

Now that preparations are complete and competition has begun, those who have been spending so much time preparing can take a little breath.  Oh, fine.  I hear you all laughing.  There's no breathing here at Fair Hill.  If you're not busy, someone is going to make you busy pretty quickly.  But a lot of heavy "doing" is behind us for a day or so.  So now's a good time to look at a few photos from the the weekend and the beginning of the week, of "people doing things."  Enjoy!  And thank you, "people", for all that you did.  Things look wonderful and everything seems to be chugging along fairly smoothly.

Rupert Rossetti!  Remember how I was telling you the other day that Rupert had his hands involved in most everything?  Here he is after a full day of entertaining potential sponsors and state and local government officials on Wednesday, cheerful as always.
Decorating queen Sue Livesay working on chicken placement at the Dutta Farm Yard on Monday.
CCI 2* competitor Ally Blyskal, from right up the road in Landenberg PA, helped set up the dressage arenas on Sunday.  We LOVE it when our competitors give back!  Thanks, Ally, and good luck this weekend!
Here's our "main man" Frank Stafford, doer of all things on tractors.
Head of Security Brian had a little time on his hands Wednesday...
Cross Country course building crew, working on some brush jumps Saturday.

Judy and Sue, decorating the Halloween jump on Sunday.

Course builder Eric, doing a little fence trimming.
Sue, in mid-witch-placement
This is Ruth and Sharon (our new Country Shops coordinators) and Brian, just "messing around" by the dog poop station.
Our wonderful, amazing, spectacular Bodgie!  You all know her from cross country schoolings and from all her begging for volunteers at Horse Trails.  She's in charge of Dressage at the CCI.
All of Bodgie's fantastic volunteers, setting up the ring on Sunday.
Somehow husbands always get roped in to doing things...  This is Barbara's husband, Coates - Barbara run the Fair Hill Club tent.
Kathie Troutman's crack decorating team, who placed zillions of mums, pumpkins, and straw bales.
Electricians Roger and Vickie Hucker, working at the Country Shops
Brian O'Connor, announcer extraordinaire, who also sets up and removes the entire (very extensive) sound system on course.
Unloading the Dutta Corp jump
Judy, Elyse Fehr, and Connie Sawyer putting Dutta banners on jumps.
Radio Rusty apparently worked far too hard on Wednesday and needed a little snooze...
The ladies in the Fair Hill Club tent did SUCH an amazing job decorating this year.  It's beautiful in there - you really need to go in to check it out.
Eileen Corl is in charge of awards, and has made a lovely display, as always.
I'm not sure if that's Connie or Elyse, but somehow Judy talked her in to wading in to the water to "bannerize" the duck.
Love this shot of Fran Loftus and Judy Thayer!  Both ladies have been with Fair Hill International from the very beginning.  Both are indispensable.
All of you people, you "People Doing Things" people, are amazing.  All of you have made the grounds look incredible.  All of you made the first couple days of competition run so very smoothly.  All of you contributed to a remarkable first impression to sponsor Tim Dutta, who had never been to Fair Hill International before today.  All of you make a difference, and we are so very appreciative.  Thank you, People Doing Things!

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