Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parade of Shoes

So I've been pondering this, ever since I posted this photo on Facebook a few weeks ago:
From the 2012 jog, Shannon Brinkman photo
HOW, oh how, is this competitor RUNNING in these shoes?  Seriously.  I would not be able to walk in them, much less run next to a horse in them.  And how did she walk through the grass in the warm-up ring in those?  I think she perhaps did a lovely job of aerating the turf.

I kid, of course.  A little.  So I wanted to take some pictures of the shoes our competitors wear when they jog.  What was hot this year?  What worked?  Shannon Brinkman had prime views of the jog, and mentioned she was mooned at least twice.  So some ladies didn't carefully study EventingNation's fantastically funny and informative blog post this morning about jog tips from the "Fair Hill Fashion Police."

The following photos are mine, not Shannon's, so they're not going to be nearly as pretty.  But we don't need pretty pictures to be able to study the shoes...
Let's start with the guys, shall we?  They have it so easy, those guys.  Grab some khakis and a blazer, get someone to tie your tie, and grab a pair of loafers.  Done.  Phillip Dutton shows us classic guy jog style, with practical black loafers:
I mean, sure, the guys can mix it up a little.  Maybe you get all wild and crazy and go casual for the jog, with blue jeans and a blazer, as shown by Ian Roberts.  He's Canadian, so maybe they have their own style.  He's still got good sensible loafers:
Or you can go REALLY wild, and wear blue jeans and just a nice red checkered button down shirt, like Nilson Moreira da Silva, with some nicely polished paddocks boots.  Which, really, if you have a smile like THAT you can pretty much wear whatever you want.  No one is looking at your clothes...
180 degrees in the other direction, and winning my personal vote for best-turned-out competitor, is Randy Ward in his lovely pinstripe suit, pink tie and pocket square, and black dress shoes.  Well done, Randy.  Well done:
Now if you're a lady the choices are endless.  Dress?  Skirt?  Pants?  What kid of pants?  Dress pants?  Skinny jeans?  So many options, so little time.

The cute option, which could easily spell disaster, is the dress or skirt.  Some, like Katie Ruppel, can rock the mini dress and the wedge heels. 

Or maybe you opt for a splash of color, and some pretty comfy looking brown ankle boots, like Alexandra MacLeod:

Or maybe you combine the two and opt for a black and white dress with orange stripe accents.  And sensible black flats.  Like Ellen Doughty:

Speaking of color, pink was the hot color of the day.  We already saw Randy decked out in his pink tie.  The ladies seemed to prefer the pink shoes, like Jennie Brannigan's:
Sharon White went understated with her black pants and shirt, but added a pop of color with her purple and pink flats:
Eliza Farren also went the basic color on top, splash of pink on the feet route:

Another very popular and very practical look was the skinny jeans with tall brown boots look.  As demonstrated by Nora Battig (love her purple shirt!) and with a pop of pink in the jeans by Erin Sylvester.

I was shaking my head at Colleen Loach's choice of strappy sandals, but she seemed to leave the arena with all toes still attached to her feet:

Julie Norman either didn't like her choice of shoes, or she lost them while running.  Either way, she jogged barefoot and ran back later to retrieve her flats:

And finally, here's Sally Cousins.  She's been around the block WAY too many times to let her shoes fall off during the jog.  Sally wins the award for "most sensible ladies jog shoes" with her very fine Nike sneakers.

Shannon Brinkman is supposed to send me some of her jog photos from today.  I'll post them on Thursday when I receive them.

And Dressage starts on Thursday for the Young Event Horses and for the CCI2* competitors.  All ride times can be found here.

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