Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's See Who Else is Here, Shall We?

What a difference 24 hours makes!  The Fair Hill Club tent is looking spectacular.  Sandy, our amazing secretary, has moved to her office trailer on site.  Straw bales and mums are peppering the grounds.  Horses are schooling in the dressage rings.  I didn't get over to Stabling today, but based on the number of horse trailers that turned on to Gallaher Road as I was trying to leave, Stabling is HOPPIN right now.

Competition begins tomorrow, with the Future Event Horses.  The three year olds will start at 8AM in the main arena, followed by two year olds and then yearlings.  There's no admission fee on Wednesday so you can come watch the babies for free, and then stay for the jog, which is slated to begin at 1:00 in the main arena with the CCI** horses jogging first.  A full schedule of events can be found here (and check back often, as I will update it as things change.  Things ALWAYS change).

Let's take a look and see what I saw in the very brief 45 minutes I was on site today:

Golf carts are here!  Wouldn't be FHI without golf carts!
Announcer extraordinaire Brian O'Connor is here.  And look!  He schleps his own straw bales!
The water truck is here and hard at work, which I know is welcome news to those who thought things might be muddy here.  It appears that everything has dried out quite nicely after our buckets of rain last weekend.
Gators are here!  Another thing we couldn't live without.  Thanks, Atlantic Tractor!
Fancy Dutta globe thingy is here.  I'm sure they have some better name for it, right?  But let's call it the globe thingy for now, and admire how cool it looks.
Wow!  24 hours made quite a difference for our friend the tail-less horse!
Kathleen Friedenberg is here in the Fair Hill Club tent with some lovely bronze sculptures.  I hope you get a chance to see them!
This horse that Kathleen brought is pretty incredible.
Local Newark, DE, artist Carole Evans is also in the Fair Hill Club tent with some gorgeous colored pencil drawings.  She'll have a booth in the Country Shops, as well.
The main arena "straw alleyway" is here, and ready to perform traffic control duties.
Head of Security and doer of all things that require muscle, Brian Racine, is here all week.  Really, literally, here.  All.  Week.  I swear the man sleeps in his truck.
I have absolutely no idea who this is.  But, hey, look!  Horses!  Horses are here!
More horses!  These guys aren't competing, though.  They're trail riders enjoying a gorgeous day, and taking in a bit of the hustle and bustle in this section of the state park today.
The very entertaining guys from Devoucoux Saddlery are here - stop in to say hi!
Local guys and awesome supporters of the USEA, Bit of Britain is here!
A&M Tent Events is still busy busy, putting sides on tents and delivering tables and chairs.
Thanks, A&M guys, for keeping things dry and warm!

Trash cans and recycling containers are here!  Thanks to the Venture Crew for doing our trash pick-up.
Mums we saw yesterday just "around" are now placed and looking lovely.
The radio guys are here!  Even in this day of cell phones, we can't survive an event without our radios.  Radio Rusty (left) and Radio Tim (right) are busy busy guys, especially on Saturday.

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