Friday, October 18, 2013

It's all in the Details

We're right in the thick of dressage right now (scores are here), but I know everyone is looking forward to Cross Country on Saturday.  A cross country course is, of course, only as good as its terrain and its designer and its builder, and all three of ours are top notch.  That's what the horses and the riders focus on.  But what about you, the spectator who wants to come to Fair Hill and have a good time?  Well, for you guys a cross country course is all about the details.

Our team of fence decorators has worked overtime this fall to make everything look amazing, from the mulch to the flowers to the fruit and the pumpkins, to all the little tiny details that spend the rest of the year living in our storage barn.  All those little tiny details are what make you smile when walking the course.

And speaking of walking the course - for the first time this year we have a super fun Scavenger Hunt for you to bring along with you while you walk!  Our friend and jump decorator Holly Coley created it for us.  See if you can find everything listed, and I'll post the answers on Saturday night.  We'll have copies at the gate, or you can print it yourself and bring it along, or be super green and save a tree and just check out the link from your smart phone while you're out on course.  Just be mindful when you are walking to stay out of the galloping lanes!  Here's the link to the Scavenger Hunt.  Good luck!

To give you a little tiny taste of what you'll see on Saturday, also check out our Interactive Course Map - click on the fence numbers to bring up a picture of each fence.

And finally, here's some fantastic photos from our friend Kimberly Simms, to give you a little sense of the details in the decorations.  Enjoy!

Holly had a question about this on her original Scavenger Hunt, but I took it out because it was a little too hard to explain.  Can you find the guy walking a dog anywhere?  He's NOT at a fence that is on course, so look around!
Kim shows you the width of the Snack Table
And the height of the Starburst, if you're standing in the ditch
This isn't on course, but you really need to go check out the Fair Hill Museum booth, right by the Country Shops tent.  It's decorated beautifully, and there's lots of fun photos and info about the history of the Fair Hill International.  Fran Loftus and Kathie Troutman did an awesome job.
And be sure to go around the back to find these amazing corn stalk horses!  Definite photo op - they are AMAZING!  They were, I believe, created by Lana Wright and Diane Trefry and all their amazing helpers at their farm.
Have a great time on Saturday!  Remember that general parking is on Rt 273 at the Cecil County Fairgrounds, and then you'll catch the bus over to the Festival.  Yes, your dog on a leash can ride the bus!

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