Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Future Event Horse Championships

For the first time this year, Fair Hill International hosted the Future Event Horse Championships.  This is an in-hand competition for yearlings, two and three year olds.  You can see more info about the competition on our website here.  Results are posted on that link, as well.

It made for a busy day at Fair Hill, with the jog for the CCI horses happening immediately following the FEH Championships.  But it was fun, and baby horses are cute, and of course I have some photos for you from the ever-lovely Shannon Brinkman.

I am irritated that I seem to have lost my FEH program, though, so I only have some of the fun info on these horses.  Sorry about that!

Grand Champion Rule of Thumb, a 3 year old colt handled by Jeff Speagle.  The colt is owned by Steplin LLC and was bred by Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!).  So if you're a Hokie like me, you'll be interested to know this colt was sold in utero.  He was out of Nadia VT, a mare who was by the Thoroughbred stallion Across the Field.  Across the Field used to stand at Virginia Tech, and at one time was the #1 eventing sire in the country (info from Rebecca Splan, who works for the VT breeding program now).
Another shot of Rule of Thumb.  Congrats, Steplin LLC!
Here's the Reserve Grand Champion, Ghiradelli, a 2 year old filly owned and handled by Dayna Gant and bred by Apple Lane Farm.  (This photo is from Louisa Emerick)
Here's Ghiradelli and Dayna Gant again, proudly displaying their tri-color for the 2 year old Championship.
Totally love this shot, and the expression on this horse's face.  I, unfortunately, have no idea who it is.  But, hey - thanks for looking cute!
More cuteness from this baby.  This is yearling filly Crazy for Calypso and handler Brandi Smith.  They won the yearling filly class.
Love the expressions with these guys, too.  On the left is Bonsoir, a 3 year old colt handled by Jeff Speagle (although looks like he's got some help here).  And on the right is Rule of Thumb, whom we have already met, handled by Jeff Speagle.  Which, can you look and make sure I am not crazy?  This is Jeff Speagle.  Same blazer.  Same tie.  Same horse.  DIFFERENT PANTS?  Jeff, please do share - did you change your pants before the Championship class?  Inquiring minds want to know.
Finally, this tremendously cute child was studying to take over for her mom.  Shannon is fairly certain this cutie patootie belongs to Makendra Burns, who handled the yearling colt Rubichez (2nd in the yearling colt class, and reserve champion yearling)
So that's your future of eventing!  It was fun having the youngsters here this morning.  And if you want to see more young horses, check out the Young Event Horse Championships on Thursday and Friday.  The ride times and competitor info can be found here.

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