Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fair Hill Saturday

I had grand plans of writing something fancy for the blog this evening, but.  Ya'll, I'm tired.  I'd like to drink a beer, watch Grey's Anatomy on the DVR, and go to bed.  So how about we do a little summary, throw you some links, and show you some pretty pictures.  Deal?

It seems like Derek's course design was quite a test.  Those who came through clean said it was great.  In the 2* there were more than a handful of double clear rounds.  In the 3*, however, there were only 4.  One of which, I am DELIGHTED to report, was from our very kind course walk host from Friday, Kim Severson.  Way to go, Kim!!  You can find all the scores here, and then keep checking that link on Sunday for stadium.

Or, you can just COME on Sunday, and cheer on your favorite riders!  The Horse Inspection will begin at 8:00.  The CCI 2* competition will begin at 10:00.  And (after the $3,000 PRO Rider Challenge at lunch) the CCI 3* will begin at 1:00.  Please see this link for the full schedule, as there's plenty going on tomorrow beyond just the stadium jumping!

Here's some links from our friends at EventingNation, with some nice recaps of the day:
2* Live Updates, in case you want the play-by-play
2* Full Recap
3* Live Updates, in case you want the play-by-play
3* Full Recap (and a photo of Kim Severson!)
Entertaining Press Conference recap, and some video

If you follow our Facebook page, you'll see a few different photo albums from today - one from Shannon Brinkman, one from Andrea Collins, and a couple shared from Facebook friends.  It's fun to see everyone's different perspectives, different angles, and different things they saw.  Love the photos - please do share yours with us, as well!

Hope to see you Sunday for the final day of The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International!  And here's some photos from Andrea and from Rupert:
Amazing sunrise over the Fair Hill Club tent
Selector Bobby Costello uses an FHI golf cart for a better view.

Warm-up area stewards

Scouts selling water

Love the ponies!

DRN Rangers Rachel Temby and Wayne Suydam

Teeny tiny box turtle!
Scheeler Seeds corn box
Photographer Shannon Brinkman
Outrider mule
Sallie Cousins and Ideal Contini
Phillip Dutton and William Penn
Sinead Halpin and her horse with the really long name, Manoir de Carneville

Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda
CCI 3* leaders Jan Byyny and Inmidair
Doug Payne and Crown Talisman
Course builder Eric Bull and our main man, Frank Stafford, playing in the water
Here you go, kids from Hearon Mead Farm!  Thanks for coming!

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