Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dressage Day 1

The lovely Shannon Brinkman has sent me some photos from Dressage today, on this first day of CCI competition at The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International.  I am home where the internet connection is faster and the chair more comfortable.  There's a fantastic party happening right this instant in the Fair Hill Club Tent (and I hope to have coverage for you tomorrow, assuming Coates doesn't make all the drinks too strong, thereby rendering all my reporters useless...)  Some light showers moved through after competition ended today, but ended and cleared out enough for my son to see the full moon before he went to bed.  It's the full Harvest Moon, in case you're wondering.  So...  all this means that it seems like a perfect time to recap the day, give you a few million links to check out as you're watching Grey's Anatomy, and look ahead to the remainder of the competition.  Here goes!

First off, here's 25 million links from EventingNation, who actually knows the competitors and something about them (or at least looks it up), where I really don't even pretend to.  So if you'd like to know something about press conferences, dressage tests, previous wins, etc, you'll want to read EN's posts.

The Equiery did a recap post, with a little bit of a Maryland slant.  They always do a nice job of keeping track of Maryland-based riders.

And here's a link to the scoring (which you can also follow LIVE, for the CCI competitors.  YEH is not live, but updated a couple times a day)

So what's happening Friday, you ask?  Well!  A whole lot, really.  The Young Event Horses begin cross country at the Sawmill Field at 8AM.  Spectators are more than welcome - please park right in the Sawmill Field.  You'll turn on Big Elk Chapel Road, turn right through the red gates, follow the road up past the horse trailers, and look for the Spectator Parking sign.

The test ride for the CCI3* is at 8:40 AM in the Main Arena.  Both divisions begin riding their dressage tests at 9AM.  During the lunch break the Mule Coon Jumping demo will return to entertain you while you munch on your crab bisque (do you munch bisque?  I suppose not).  Dressage resumes after the lunch break at 12:45.  For the full schedule of events please see this link:

ALSO - I know you want to have more fun while walking the cross country course and admiring all the decorations our volunteers have put out.  Why not look for fun little things hiding amongst the jumps?  Print out and bring along our very first Cross Country Scavenger Hunt!  Thanks to our awesome volunteer Holly Covey for creating it!  Here's the link to the Scavenger Hunt AND to the interactive course map, where you can see pictures of every jump (thanks, Andrea Collins!).  You might be able to find a few Scavenger Hunt answers right from Andrea's photos.  Here's the link!

OK!  Millions of links, done!  Let's move on to Shannon's photos:

Current leaders of the CCI2*, Boyd Martin and Pancho Villa
The legendary Bruce Davidson, leading the YEH 5 year old division with Mr. Bojangles.
More Bruce Davidson.  This horse is owned by his son, Buck.  Who, incidentally, is riding about 17 different horses in the CCI divisions this weekend.
Here's the current leader in the YEH 4 year old division - Eileen Kenney and Riot Gear.
Asia Vedder and Gaelic Wealth, currently sitting 5th in the 5 year old division of the YEH
Phillip Dutton with one of three young horses he's riding this weekend.  This is Automagically, currently 2nd in the 5 year old division.
Cute one of Skyeler Voss and MTF Cooley Caliber, waiting for their turn for Conformation in the 4 year old YEH division.  They are currently 3rd.
Kelly Sult and Prince Cavanagh, currently 9th in the 4 year old YEH division.
Kristen Bond and Seams Ready, currently 5th in the CCI2*
Amanda Wilson and Shame on the Moon, currently in a 3-way tie for 7th in the CCI2* division.
Danielle Dichting and The Graduate, currently 4th in the CCI2*
USEA Director of Programs Rob Burk and his very cute daughter.
We'll see you tomorrow for more dressage and the jumping portion of the Young Event Horses.  Plus we will give final awards to the Young Event Horses.  PLUS - at 4PM we have a course walk open to our amazing volunteers, and to Pony Club members.  Kim Severson is leading it.  Meet at the Start Box at 4PM.  And see if you can find everything on the Scavenger Hunt!

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