Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Catching up from Saturday

It's insane that competition hasn't even started yet and ALREADY I am behind on posting things for you.  It's really because we have a fantastic team of people working on site, and lots of them have cameras, and then they send me pictures, and they are really too fun not to share.

So here's Rupert Rossetti's photos from Saturday FHI prep.  Banners, tents, fence decorating, and more.  Who is Rupert, you ask?  Well officially the program says Rupert is in charge of Operations.  In reality that means he has his hand in pretty much everything.  Golf carts?  Rupert.  Traffic flow?  Rupert.  Car stuck in the mud?  Rupert.  Got a delivery and don't know where to take it?  Rupert.  Trash pick-up?  Rupert.  Keeping things moving along at daily meetings of the Committee?  Rupert.  Need a ride somewhere?  If Rupert isn't going there, he'll find someone who is.  Unofficial photographer of "people doing things"?  Rupert.  He's the best.  I'll try to snap a picture of him for you when I am on site tomorrow.

Here's some photos from Saturday, thanks to Rupert Rossetti.

A lot of what we do involves keeping sponsors happy.  It's a natural progression.  Sponsors give us money.  We are grateful and show appreciation.  One way of showing appreciation is hanging banners on the main arena.  A little advertising, as it were.
Cool view of the main arena, in the middle of banner hanging.  This was Saturday, so the ring was still fairly empty.
Executive Director Charlie Colgan (left) is the main contact for sponsors, and he shows his appreciation by assisting with banner hanging.  Ooooh, I wish I could say who is helping Charlie with that banner.  And then on the right with his back to us is Superman Brian Racine, whom we met in a post earlier today.  Somehow his title of Head of Security also means "in charge of banner hanging."
Board of Directors member Diane Trefry (left) and Co-President and member of the very first Founders Committee 25 years ago Lana Wright (right) measure and flag the Dog Agility ring.
Mulching around the Chesapeake Water
And finally, a cool progression of photos about tent raising.  Ever wonder how they do it?  Those folks at A&M Tent Events are pros.  They make it look easy.

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