Monday, October 14, 2013


It's Fair Hill Monday.  That buzz on the show grounds that you could just barely hear last week has now become a dull roar.  There are trucks and cars driving across fields everywhere you look.  Volunteers.  Officials.  Sponsor-related people.  Porta-potty trucks.  Delivery trucks.  The UPS guy.  Even a horse trailer or two, although the horse arrival won't hit peak til tomorrow and Wednesday.  CCI horses have to be in by Tuesday at 5PM.  Young Event Horses can, I believe, still arrive Wednesday or just ship in Thursday and Friday if they are close enough.

Baby Girl and I wandered about the grounds for a while this afternoon, documenting some of the arrivals.  Let us share:

Oodles of very fancy Dutta Corp banners have arrived.  They had not yet been placed - Baby Girl and I will have to go check things out again tomorrow.
This cool silver horse shoe in the Fair Hill Club tent has arrived, to help us celebrate our silver anniversary.
The Fair Hill Club horse has arrived!  Unfortunately he arrived with his tail detached, so Barb was searching for a way to help him out.
MUMS have arrived!  Lots and lots and lots of MUMS!
The dog parade has arrived!  This little fractured-legged dog is Amelia.  She is, reportedly, Tim Dutta's favorite dog.
Fancy Dutta stadium jumps have arrived.
Phone and electric actually arrived to the Admissions tent last week, but the wind blew and the trees bent and the wires drooped.  So Russ arrived to fix them up.
Things are starting to get busy at Stabling.  Let's see who's here.
Water has arrived at the stabling area.  Here's our fancy water tank and water dispenser system.
Just in case TOO MUCH water arrives via Mother Nature, sand bags have arrived to help keep the tents un-flooded.  Unfortunately the sand bag wagon arrived and decided it had had enough.  So it may not ever go away, unless it gets its tire fixed.
John Holling's fancy rig has arrived!  Sure, somewhere around here is John himself, and his two CCI3* entries, Zatopek B and Proper Timing.  They were not anywhere I could find them, however, so you'll have to look at John's pretty rig.  
Can't find John, but I am 85% sure this is his tack stall.  It's either his or Leslie Law's.  Leslie has also arrived, with her CCI2* mount Billy Wiz.
Just coming off the trailer, CCI2* Jessica Shull and her horse L.E. Font (LOVE!!!) have arrived!
Betsy (I'm sorry, Betsy, I missed your last name) is here with Jessica, and this cute chestnut horse was, as Betsy said "just along for the ride."
L.E. is very happy to have arrived at Fair Hill (after his 25 hour drive from Mississippi!) so he can get in some good grazing.
We've got lots more happening around the grounds, and I need to catch you up on some other preparation things from the weekend.  But this is all I've got for tonight.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing the arrivals!

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