Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost Final Countdown

It's been raining buckets here for the past couple days, but things finally cleared out today and people were able to get some things done.  The stall guys were busy putting up stabling for our amazing equine competitors.  Our fantastic volunteer electricians were stringing lights and power outlets in the Stabling tent.  And the main arena was getting dragged and prepped for dressage ring set-up on Sunday.

We're delighted to report that it appears the weather is going to be decent for the foreseeable future.  Maybe some showers Thursday night.  But it looks like the footing on the cross country course will be lovely.  And we may need to drain some water from the water complexes...

Here's some photos from today's prep.  Thanks again to Denise Mallie for remembering to take pictures, amidst all the other things she is doing to prepare!

The main arena has cross country jumps placed, and banners hung around the outside.  Dressage rings will be set up tomorrow.
The Fair Hill Club tent is all buttoned up and ready to go.  It will host Thursday's Welcome Party and 25th Anniversary Celebration.
Head electrician Roger Hucker and his wife Vicki work on wiring lights and outlets in the stabling tent.
Our other electrician Neil appears to have put his daughter in jail...  We'll try to post bail and get her out before horses begin to arrive.
Stall building guys bring some more stall pieces.
Good thing they have a short fork lift.
Home sweet home to 100 or so horses starting Monday.

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