Monday, October 7, 2013

A Rainy Day Post

On a rainy day like today, it seems like a good idea to look back at some rainy day photos from years past.

A big ol' storm rolled in at the end of cross country Saturday in 2004.  Like a BIG SCARY storm that shut down I-95.
2011 - Ring familiarization on Thursday evening
2011 - Phillip Dutton cantering through the slop
2012 - A morning storm on Friday delayed dressage and the YEH competition
2004 - Aforementioned big ol' storm meant that many many trucks and trailers had to be towed out of the Endurance base camp field.  That poor field...
2004 - Storm clouds over the Country Shops tent
2011 - Courtney Cooper splashes through her dressage test
2011 - Lisa Barry's horse matches the color of the sky
2011 - Post-Friday mid-day storm.  The sun peeks out of the storm clouds over the Fair Hill Club tent.
We're not going to grumble about the rain right now - the ground was hard, the rings were dusty, and we're still going to have a week to dry out.  But we ARE crossing our fingers, toes, and hooves that the sun will bless us with its presence during The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International next week.

And also - WHOA.  Do you realize that The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International is NEXT WEEK?

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