Saturday, September 21, 2013

Would You Believe?

Would you believe that in four weeks we will be looking back at the day, the 25th running of cross country day at the Fair Hill International three day event?  FOUR WEEKS, guys.  It's crunch time, and we've got lots of crunching to do.

Would you believe there are people at your local vet office, your local day care, your local Starbucks, your local library, your local New Bolton Center, your local stable, your local mom group, your local bingo group, your local church who don't know about Fair Hill?  Would you believe that YOU CAN HELP FIX THIS?!

If you are local-ish, and you can swing by the office (378 Fair Hill Drive Elkton, MD  21921) to pick up some beautiful posters with event details, and can hang said beautiful posters at your local church, day care, Starbucks, vets office, etc - WE NEED YOU.  Come get some posters.  Hang em up.  Tell your friends about Fair Hill!  (And then, you know, be nice and take them down after FHI is done).

Would you believe that it's pouring rain here tonight?  Of course you would believe that.  It's Fair Hill.  We're going to be crossing our fingers and hoping that the weather is picture-perfect for the event.  But just in case, Frank has been busy filling sand bags to have at the ready for the stabling tent, so we don't flood the stalls of our equine friends.  I'd post a picture of Frank filling sand bags, but would you believe that somehow he has been too busy filling sand bags to stop and take a picture of himself filling sand bags?

Would you believe that after 24 runnings of this event, in generally the same location, with more and more cars and traffic each year, and with yellow signs peppering the entire stretch of Rt 273 between Gallaher Road and Rt 213...  Would you believe that there are STILL neighbors of Fair Hill who have never attended?  Who have no idea what we are all about?  Who have no idea what fun they are missing?  Would you believe that there are people in Cecil County who have never heard about Fair Hill?  Would you believe that there are college students right down the road at the University of Delaware who have no idea they could come tailgate, drink beer, and watch horses on cross country Saturday?  Would you believe there are people right over the state line in Pennsylvania, people in my own MOMS Club, whom I remind EVERY YEAR of this event, who have still never attended?  Who have still not come even though ALL THEIR KIDS GET IN FREE?

So what are we gonna do about this?  It's our 25th Anniversary.  We want to celebrate with old friends, and invite new friends to see how fantastic this event really is.  And to do that we need to spread the word.

Would you believe that we have 1,593 friends on Facebook?  That's 1,593 of you who already help us spread the word.  With every "like" and "share" and "comment" you spread a little piece of Fair Hill.  And with every post we gain a few new friends.  And a few more.  And a few more.  Now, we have no aspirations of reaching the very lofty mark of 44,565 friends, currently held by Rolex.  But surely, with your help, we can reach out and touch some 2,000 friends on our Facebook page before the start of the jog on October 16.  Think we can do it?

Would you believe that we found a fantastic new home for a great advertising board on Rt 1 in Maryland, just north of Rising Sun?  Thanks to the kind folks at Ag Industrial, lots of eyeballs are seeing this sign every day as they drive past:

Would you believe there are artists in the Newark area who don't know we have a Country Shops tent?  Would you believe there are families who don't know that right down the road from them is a fun event for the entire family?  Here's what we did last weekend to try to spread the word a bit, at Newark Community Day:

We need some more ideas.  We need some more help.  We need YOU to help US tell all our friends about Fair Hill.  Tell us how we can do it.  Help us make this 25th Anniversary the very best FHI yet.

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