Saturday, April 27, 2013

What have YOU been doing this spring?

Have you been riding? Preparing your event horse for one of our upcoming Horse Trials?  Maybe you volunteered for our recognized Horse Trials last weekend (THANK YOU, volunteers!).  Maybe you're getting your driving horse fit and ready for the Elk Creek combined driving event?  Are you keeping track of Rolex this weekend?  EN is doing some lovely live updates.  Best of luck to our eventing friends riding there this weekend!

What have WE been doing, around Fair Hill?  Just a little preparing for our 25th anniversary of the Fair Hill International, is all.  Tomorrow we have some plans to plant some trees in the stabling field (we had to remove a couple trees to grade the stabling area so it wouldn't flood the tents, and we're replacing those two trees with, I think, SIX new ones.  In a different location, obviously.)  And our awesome course builder, Derek, has been hard at work already for the fall event.  He's been working on the Spring house water.  It now has a wall removed, and the entire water complex is larger.  Sod was put down this week, and it looks like it's going to be an awesome new challenge for our 25th anniversary year!  Check it out:

Spring house is way over on the left.  Sod is just starting to be laid down.  This was from last Saturday.

Derek's guys, laying sod.

Here's the finished product!  Spring house on the right.  Pretty new sod.  Ready and waiting for October 19th!

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