Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Dog Parade

Sure, there's horses at Fair Hill.  But we all know that the weekend is really all about the dogs...

Dog Agility demos.

Did you take YOUR pooch in to the ring for an agility lesson?

Paws For Life had some cute pups up for adoption

Hopefully all the PFL dogs went to nice forever homes last weekend.

Did you watch the frisbee dogs on Saturday?

And finally, courtesy of Holly, the Dog Cam.  With Big Dogs.

And Little Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

Two Dogs

Begging Dogs

Dogs Who Need a Haircut

Dogs Watching Stadium

Dogs NOT Watching Stadium

Strolling Dogs

Happy Dogs

Apparently, Basset Hound Dog Agility Championship Dogs???  Who knew?

Smooth Dogs

Curly Dogs

Competitor Dogs

Short Dogs, taking advantage of a window in the straw wall

Blaze-Faced Dogs

Masked-Faced Dogs

If you and YOUR dog didn't make it to Fair Hill this year, put us on your calendar for next October.  We'll see you then!

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