Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some jump pics!

If you saw this post a few hours ago - I apologize.  I jumped the gun on jump pictures.  I will re-post those Wednesday at 11AM.

Rupert Rossetti (he's one of our super-volunteers who is in charge of, well, mostly everything) sent some pictures from Saturday setting up.

It was a beautiful day here today - I am sure all moving in today appreciated the warm sunshine so much more than yesterday's rain.  Welcome to all who are here already!

Dragging the ring before the dressage rings are set

Trail riders out checking on our progress.  It's always fun to ride your horse past the CCI jumps and think about how insane these riders really are...

I am taking a guess here - I do believe this wonderful volunteer has the awesome job of removing staples from the scoreboard.  Glamorous, right?

Decorating the picnic table!  CCI 2*

Too bad the horses don't get to fully appreciate how cool the jumps they jump over really are.

Main Entrance tent

I'm pretty sure this is Stabling.  It's in a slightly different location this year so I hope I am right!

Russ and Linda do whatever needs to be done - Russ installs phone lines and gets all the IT stuff over to the grounds for the FHI office, plus drives the tractor, helps run the vet box, etc etc etc

The Dog Activity area - close to us for Dog Agility, the far side for the FRISBEE DOGS on Saturday - can't wait to see them!
Check back tomorrow for more!

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