Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shannon Sent Photos!

We always love photos from the fantastically talented Shannon Brinkman.  She has sent us a bunch of photos from dressage today and from Wednesday's jog.  Enjoy!  Please note that these are all Shannon's photos, not to be reproduced without her permission.  Shannon is on the Fair Hill grounds - photos are available for purchase from her there, as well as online after the event:

for updates and more images

Remember:  Live Scoring link is HERE
Dressage Times are HERE
Young Event Horse Results from today are HERE

Ashley MacVaugh and Fernhill Can Do

Buck Davidson

Caitlin Calder and Jolliyat

Candace Kirscher and Catalina

Caroline Martin and Petite Flower

Charles Plumb and Ard Denzil

Clayton Fredericks and Pigrela des Cabanes

Connor Husain and Piece of Hope

Daniel Dichting and The Graduate

Doug Payne and Crown Talisman

Holly Payne and Santino

Jimmie Schramm and Bellamy

Kate Murphy and Esccord RGS

Kim Severson Cooley and Cross Border

Kim Severson and Cooley Streetwise

Lara Borson and Knight Shoooby Do

Laura Vandervliet and Running Wolfe

Liz Riley and It's The Truth

Mara Depuy and Chequers Macon

Matt Flynn and Darmood

Robin Walker and Freedoms Light

Sally Cousins and Ideal Contini

Susan Beebee and Wolf

Will Coleman and Zipp

Jessica Phoenix and Erodium

Marilyn Little and RF Azarah

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