Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NOW here's jump pics!

Sorry about that post yesterday evening.  I jumped the gun on posting jump pictures, and took them down.  But NOW I can post them.  Enjoy!  Many thanks to Holly Covey and to Rupert for sending them for your enjoyment.

Cute little pony jump.  CCI 3*

Hedges coming out of the Sunken Road.

The first jump for the 2* and the 3*, all dressed up in FHI's traditional yellow mums.

I'll be honest with you - I have no idea what this is supposed to be.  Go out and walk the course and let me know, could you?

Halloween!  CCI 2* jump.

The loons make a return visit to the water jump.

CUTEST darn jump ever.  Fear the Turtle!

Pigs in the Farm Yard.  CCI 3*

The Brad's Produce jump is the final jump for both the 2* and the 3*.

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