Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Jump Photos, AND the Course map

First - Come walk the course on line!  The 2012 interactive course map is now up on the web.  Click each jump number to see what the fence looks like.  Thanks to Andrea Collins for all her hard work on the map and the photos.  Check out the map here!

Second - Holly sent some more jump pictures!  Thanks, Holly!

This is Ressusitation Annie. She is a teaching dummy owned by Tom, our volunteer family EMT. She lives on his porch the rest of the year, then has to come out and sit all alone on the blue bench the week of Fair Hill. She's very lonely, so please walk out and say "hi"

This is the cow fence! These are Scotch Highland cattle, and our volunteer family artist, Fran, painted them in about an hour a couple of years ago while we were setting up the fences. She simply took some paint and voila, the cattle appeared from plain plywood. At least a couple horses trail riding past them thought they were indeed real! That's her incredible talent. Many of the beautiful creatures on fences and throughout the course are her handiwork.

If you get to walk the course, count the pansies you see at the base of all the jumps. Holly planted all of those pansies..... she says it felt like about a thousand...

The Covered Bridge

Hedges after the Covered Bridge
Bodgie adds a sponsor sign to this awesome key hole jump.

 This is the springhouse water on Saturday afternoon.  Just to show the progression of work we do to get jumps ready. This fence four of us worked on until dark, then Judy went back and did more work on Sunday to complete Derek's directions for the fence and then add the decor.

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