Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catching up on Links and photos

EventingNation is, as always, on the ball with reporting from Fair Hill, and posting photos.  Check out their links from today:

A summary of today's YEH Championship Competition

The CCI 2* Morning Summary

The CCI 2* Afternoon Summary

And here's some photos from Rupert, from Wednesday at Fair Hill:

The Coffee Lady doing business in Stabling

New, improved, HUGE corn box this year!  Come play!!

I think Rupert likes the pony jump

Impressively decorated VIP tent

Diane Trefry (Special Events) and Ozzie

Cecil County Tourism takes a ride around the cross country course

Kathie outdid herself with the mums this year.  Best decorated chalk board EVER, with Kids Corner in the background

Who needs daylight?  Finishing main arena prep after dark Wednesday night

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