Monday, October 22, 2012

A zillion links

Here's a bunch of links for your enjoyment, from all days of FHI:

A local view of the jog, from The Equiery

Maryland riders on the first day of Dressage, from The Equiery

Maryland riders on Dressage Day 2, from The Equiery

Maryland riders on Cross Country Day, from The Equiery

Final results from The Equiery

Nice article, with some audio interviews, from Nancy Jaffer

Summary article from USEF

Cross country recap from USEF

Dressage recap from USEF

A quick intro article and some nice pictures from our local paper

Dressage recap featuring riders from 'down South

A post on Boyd Martin's blog

And a recap post from Boyd

Photo gallery of the CCI 2* cross country course, from The Chronicle of the Horse

And the 3* course

Yvette Seger blogs about the Presidents Cup Pony Club Games, on EN

A little New Jersey slant to cross country day, from

PHEW!  I think that's enough.  Don't you?  Here's a couple pictures, because I know you want to see some more.  I'll keep posting photos this week - Shannon Brinkman sent me some more, and I have some from Rupert and from Andrea and from Holly.  So keep checking back!

Lauren Kiefer at the Dansko Village, CCI 2*

Hannah Sue Burnett over the Loon, CCI 3*

Jan Byyny through the Keyhole, CCI 3*

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