Saturday, October 20, 2012

3* Updates, photos of the day

Of course there was mud.  It's Fair Hill!

Phew!  Saturday is complete, and we're in the home stretch.  One more day of competition at Fair Hill.  Are you coming on Sunday for stadium?

Here's the link to results after cross country.  Remember that stadium will jump in reverse order of placing tomorrow.

It appears, according to our schedule, that CCI 2* stadium will begin at 10AM on Sunday, and CCI 3* stadium will begin at 2PM.

Don't forget to stick around during the lunch break to watch the PRO Bareback Show Jumping Challenge!

Here's the 3* cross country report from EventingNation

And here's another cross country analysis from EventingNation

Andrea sent me gazillions of pictures to post.  Here's just a smattering.  I'll post more in the next few days!

Clark Montgomery in the 2*

Doug Payne in the 2*

Buck Davidson through the Keyhole in the 3*

Current 3* leader Hannah Sue Burnett

Hopefully we'll see video from Phillip Dutton's helmet cam soon!
Frisbee dogs can FLY!

President's Cup Pony Club Games

Seven trillion children enjoyed the heck out of Kathie's corn box.

The Falcon guy was, as always, a huge hit

Mini horses available for brushing, hugging, snuggling, etc

Friendly outrider's horse gives kisses

The calm at the end of the day

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