Monday, July 9, 2012

Horse Trials for All Sizes

Think that horse trials are only for big horses?  Off the track Thoroughbreds and the like?  How wrong you would be!  Our Starter Trials are for EVERYONE, the big and the little.  And when we say little, we mean LITTLE.

Please enjoy a couple photos of Katelyn Craft and her cute-as-a-button pony, Houston.  Go ahead and keep on enjoying, because OMG how cute is that!  Katelyn and Houston competed in the Elementary level in our Starter Trials on June 30th.  They had a 45.6 dressage score, no faults in stadium, and were unfortunately eliminated on cross country for what has to be called a rider fall.  Although, from what I heard, Houston bobbled a bit and Katelyn PUT HER FEET ON THE GROUND to steady herself (because, you know, she could reach).  Not really a fall, but it had to be called one by the way the rules read.

We love seeing horses and riders of all shapes, colors, and sizes at our Starter Trials!  Want to join us?  Next Starter Trials (and the last of the year) are on September 15.  Come play with us!

And since we're sharing pictures, our friend Ginny Nayden sent this photo to us the other day.  I do believe, if I understand her email correctly, this is Ginny and her horse at an FHI Schooling, jumping our super cute FHI train jump.  We still have plenty more schoolings this summer and fall if you, too, want to try out the cute new train jump.  See our website for dates.

Edited:  My apologies!  The photo above was taken by Ginny Nayden, but the photo itself is of Laury Parramore and her cute mare Finley at a schooling a couple weeks ago.  Laury competed in her first Starter Trial on June 30th and has already promised to be back again in September!

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  1. Love the blog and the pony pics! The person in pink with the number 41 pinney is actually me and my wonderful mare, Finley, enjoying schooling at Fair Hill. MANY thanks for our friend Ginny who took the photo and many other beautiful shots of our group having a grand old time.
    Laury Parramore