Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting to Know Peter Atkins and his family

Living so close to Fair Hill,  I often host competitors from Fair Hill.  This year, in a "its-a-small-world" scenerio, we hosted Peter Atkins, his wife, Amy, their son, Owen, and Peter's young horse, Drake, during the event.  Because of some truck problems, Peter and his horses Henny and Drake stayed with us afterwards.  What a great time we had!  Peter has a great sense of humor and a wonderful devotion to his family. Amy  The connection shared by horse and rider I first saw in the Run Henny Run video of the x-country WEG  I saw up close during the event.  The connection between that horse and not only Peter but also with his family. The horse is always aware of where Peter is and focuses on Owen when he is nearby.  On their website, Amy has pictures of young Owen riding this powerful 3-day horse in a lead line class!  We are so fortunate to have had Peter and his family come into our lives. We plan to be in touch with them in Florida when we make the trip south this winter.
Owen, at age 5(?)  rode Henny in a Lead Line Class!
These two definitely have a connection!
A big father - son hug after Dressage

Peter getting the hang of being behind a horse instead
of being on top!
Since my sport is combined driving, and Peter had time on his hands after the event, I talked him into going on the back of the carriage and prodded him into driving my mare!  Having only driven a pony years ago for about 10 minutes, he took the reins and had the mare going quite well in a short time.  He even managed to shoot a short video while driving and read and answered a few texts on his cell phone!  Before he left he cooked one of his specialties for dinner, a great Salmon dinner!  My only regret is not getting a photo of my ole swaybacked hunter with his two illustrious pasture mates!

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