Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Update - Scores! Times! Pictures!

The above was taken this evening, during the hour of open ring schooling.  It's damp here today.  Very very damp.  But, hey - at least it was a warm rain...

So we cancelled the media course walk, as it was too wet.  Apologies if you made an effort to attend and were sad that it did not happen.

Found the scoring link today!  If you bookmark it and come back to it throughout the weekend, you can see live (every ten minutes or so) scoring updates.  Here's the scores through the first day of dressage (I don't know why Young Event Horse scores don't come up).

Times got posted!  Here's the link for dressage times, from today and for tomorrow.  If I remember and Mary remembers, we'll have Saturday's cross country times posted tomorrow night, too.  Check back.

Please see fabulous comprehensive recap of today's events, complete with video, on Eventing Nation.  Thanks, guys!

And, finally, PHOTOS!  Shannon Brinkman shared photos from today and a couple from yesterday.  Thanks, Shannon!  Please note - all the photos below are the property of Shannon Brinkman and may not be copied or reproduced in any way, without the express permission of Shannon Brinkman.

Here's Lisa Barry standing up her mount, F.I.S. Prince Charming, at the jog on Wednesday.  Lisa rides her CCI** dressage test on Friday.
Holly Payne and entourage.  Holly rides her CCI*** mount, Madeline, on Friday.

Alexandra MacLeod and her super cute CCI** mount,  Railroan Man Jim, currently stand in 22nd place.

Emily Van Gemeren and her CCI** mount, Berkley.  They currently stand in  18th place with 62.5 penalty points.

Alexandra Greene, looking happy after her CCI** test on her mount Fernhill Cubalawn.  Alexandra currently stands in 10th place in the division, with 58.6 penalty points.

Phillipa Humphries and her CCI** mount, Rich N Famous.  The pair currently stand in 9th place in the division.

Katie Bryant and her Young Event Horse mount, San City.  Katie and San City complete their jumping test tomorrow at 8:40 AM.

Will Coleman and his CCI** mount (one of three), Ideal Contini.  They currently stand 4th in the division with 51.7 penalty points.

Brittany Yard and her Young Event Horse mount, Divine Comedy.  Brittany rides her jumping course tomorrow at 12:40PM.

Courtney Cooper with her Young Event Horse mount, R Star.  Courtney rides her jumping test tomorrow at 12:20PM

Doug Payne and his Young Event Horse mount, Royal Tribute.  Doug also rode his  CCI*** mount, High Society, today, and currently stands in 11th place in that division.

Karl Slezak and his CCI** mount, VDL Ulando H, are high atop the leader board after day 1 of dressage.  They are currently 2nd with 48.9 penalty points.

The current leader of the CCI** division, Andrea Leatherman and Mystic My.

And finally, the current leader of the CCI*** division.  Phillip Dutton and Ben  will carry only 47.2 penalty points in to the cross country phase on Saturday.  Phillip has another CCI*** mount tomorrow (William Penn), and is currently 5th with his CCI** mount, Young Man.

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