Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Wrap-up!

Big congrats to the CCI** winner, Kylie Lyman and Trading Aces, and to our CCI*** winner, Boyd Martin and Ying Yang Yo.  Full results can be seen HERE.

Here's some links to read results and more info:

EVENTING NATION has a lovely three star recap, along with some video

A nice article by Nancy Jaffer from EQUISEARCH

Here's another article by Nancy, published today on New  It's Saturday's news, but still an interesting read.

Here's a recap of the Sunday morning jog, from THE CHRONICLE

EVENTING NATION'S all-important video of the Shetland Pony races (a total must-see!)

EVENTING NATION has a Sunday morning jog report

Sunday photos from THE CHRONICLE

Three star recap from THE CHRONICLE

Two star recap from EVENTING NATION, with video

Not from today, but I just found it, loads of cross country pictures from THE CHRONICLE

Once again, we could not make this event work without the tireless effort of many many fantastic volunteers.  THANKS so much to all of you for all you do, and all you did to make the 2011 Dansko Fair Hill International a rousing success.

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