Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some More Behind the Scenes from Sunday

As mentioned before, preparations on the grounds have reached a fever pitch.  No less than SIX trucks and trailers moved bleachers to their designated spots this morning.  FOUR dressage rings were set.  TWO flatbed loads of jump standards were unloaded.  THREE (FOUR?  I lost count) barns full of stalls were made ready for horses to arrive tomorrow.  Sides were put on tents.  Vet boxes and dog agility rings were set up.  Countless jumps were decorated.  Tomorrow afternoon horses can begin to move in to the stabling area.  Straw and mums arrive for some serious decorating to begin.  Office trailers arrive for dry, warm areas for scoring and management.  And everyone is thanking the heavens for the warm, sunny weather.

Here's a few pictures to give you a taste of the frenzy:

This fox quietly waits for horses to gallop past him in the main arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteers set up the first of four dressage arenas.  In the middle is Bodgie Read, a Founders Committee member who has been with Fair Hill International since its very first year.  When Bodgie is not setting dressage rings, she is busy making and setting out signs, helping run the vet box on Saturday, gathering volunteers for our horse trials throughout the year, and organizing countless Pony Club rallies at our venue.  She is truly indispensable.

A Dansko shoe patiently awaits is final decorative location in the main arena.

Walk around the course a little bit and you'll stumble upon this cool old house.

Mushrooms have grown under the trees by the Sunken Road.

Another view of the cool ducks we showed you yesterday.  Are you tailgating?  You'll be parked in the field above the ducks - close to food, shopping, dog agility, and the water jump.

Holly, one of our fabulous jump decorating volunteers, makes a picnic table fit for a king.  Holly also volunteers on cross country day, in the warm-up area.  Check out an awesome blog posting she did at another site, describing what may have been the wettest Dansko Fair Hill International on record.

Chickens and roosters inhabit the Barn Yard.  Frighteningly realistic!  Seriously, you need to come on Saturday and walk the course (YES!  You can do that!) just to see the amazing detail on and around these jumps.

LOVE the dragon hedge at one of the water jumps.

It's a Teddy Bear Picnic, at the Dove Valley Winery jump.

Think this little guy might have had too much Dove Valley wine...

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