Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Want a sneak peek of the cross country course?  Check out video below for a drive around the CCI*** course.  And then come see it for yourself, live and in person, tomorrow.  Maybe someone out there will have a very cool helmet cam and we can get another view of the course from the rider's perspective.  NOTE - this video is looooooong.  Sorry!  You have a fast forward button on your computer, right?

Dansko Fair Hill International 2011 CCI*** Cross Country Course

Keep checking the LIVE RESULTS link to keep yourself up-to-date on dressage today.

Want to know when your favorite rider competes today?  Check the RIDER TIMES link.

Want to see more of Shannon Brinkman's awesome photos?  SEE HERE for her FHI pictures from 2010.  She doesn't have 2011 up yet on her site - she's been... a little busy.  Apparently Shannon had some excitement getting here, and some computer issues, and if I can nail her down for three seconds to give me a quick story I'll try to do so!

Many thanks as always to EVENTING NATION for their fabulous reporting.  See this link for a quick interview with Phillip Dutton, currently atop the leader board in the CCI***.  Also see THIS LINK for a post by Lisa Marie Ferguson and why she had to withdraw from the CCI*** competition.

What's on tap for today?  Dressage, obviously.  Young Event Horse jumping is taking place as I type.  Dog Agility will have free agility lessons, and demos, in the dog agility ring by the Main Entrance.  Vendors are open.  Fair Hill merchandise is quickly disappearing (and then re-appearing on riders, grooms, and volunteers).  We have a Pony Club course walk at 4PM today - Doug Payne will be walking the course with us.  Meet at the Start box, and bring your rain gear.

And what's the weather, you ask?  Why, rain, of course.  Showers this morning.  Thunderstorms this afternoon.  But by 10PM everything is supposed to clear out, it's supposed to get windy as all get-out, and tomorrow looks to be a great, sunny, dry day for cross country.  Fabulous!

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