Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Scores, Links, plus Sunday Schedule

Last year's Shetland Pony races - we'll do it again on Sunday.  Don't miss it!
Here's the brief run-down:

SCORES for the Three star and the Two star are posted.  Jan Byyny, Boyd Martin, and Becky Holder are all within a point of each other in the Three star, which will make for an exciting Stadium day.  In the Two star, Kylie Lyman, Kadi Eykamp, and Will Faudree are your top three.

No official order of go for Sunday, until after the Sunday morning Horse Inspection.

The tentative schedule for Sunday:

8:00 AM - Horse Inspection in the main arena, starting with Two star horses.

10:00 AM - Begin Two star stadium jumping (in reverse order of placing)

12:30-ish to 1:30-ish - Lunch Break.  Stick around for the PRO riders racing on Shetland ponies.  If you didn't see it last year, you definitely don't want to miss it!

1:30-ish - Begin Three star stadium jumping.

We should be wrapped up around 3-ish.

I had impeccable timing this evening and saw part of Run Henny Run's helmet cam video from today.  It was awesome, and if Peter somehow gets it posted on YouTube tonight I will be sure to link to for you.  He was clear cross country, and moved up to 7th place in the standings.

Here's some links from people who saw way more than I did (I think I saw a couple horses gallop past me today as I was running between Pony Club, music, and various dog demonstrations).

Three star coverage from EVENTING NATION

Two star coverage from EVENTING NATION

Fun video from EVENTING NATION, talking about a piece of the three star course

Recap from USEA

A more local-focused recap from THE EQUIERY

And, finally, THE CHRONICLE has a recap, as well

I'll post some pictures in a while, but they're going to be all Special Event pictures.  Shannon Brinkman was, well, BUSY today, and I wasn't able to get cross country pictures from her.  I'll seen what I can do tomorrow!

Finally (and I should have put this first) a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers, jump judges, bus drivers, security personnel, outriders, EMT's, vets, farriers, parking people, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, and spectators who made today such a rousing success.  It takes a small army of people to make this event work, and we appreciate everything that you do!

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