Friday, October 14, 2011

President's Cup and the Weather

20 kids from all over the east coast and the mid-west are at the Dansko Fair Hill International this weekend for the President's Cup games, which bring together the top four senior games teams winners at Pony Club Nationals for a little friendly competition here at Fair Hill.  They will be playing games in the CCI Warm-up Arena on Saturday at 9:30 and again at 2:30.  Check them out!  You will be amazed at what they can do.

I love these kids, man.  They are great kids, and all work together as a team, and are tremendously friendly, and really very grateful to be here and have a chance to see some of the competition.

Today they got a chance to walk the CCI*** cross country course with Doug Payne.  They came back from their walk muddy and tired, but smiling.
Doug Payne (the super tall guy in the middle) with our President's Cup Pony Club group.  Thanks, Doug!
Somehow Doug had the energy to ride his mount, Royal Tribute, to a win in the Young Event Horse five year old division (congrats!), plus ride a three star test on Running Order (currently tied for 8th), and still came over to the start box with a huge smile on his face and two hours of free time for these kids.  It was so greatly appreciated and we can't thank Doug enough for spending the time with the future of eventing.

Many thanks, as well, to the PRO Riders Organization for helping to organize the course walk.  PRO does good stuff to promote horse and rider safety in the sport of eventing, and to encourage young riders who are the future of the sport.

And now a few pictures that I took today.  It was a dark and stormy day at times, but I saw smiles everywhere, so it must have been an ok day.

Doug Payne explains what happens in the warm-up ring before cross country gets started.  He says it's a fun place to watch on Saturday, so if you're around and by the Start/Finish box, cross the street and take a peek!
The Star Blazers team comes from Illinois.
The Lucky Charms come from western New York
These cute kids on the Gummi Bears team are from Kentucky
And the Wild Things team had the (relatively) easy drive from Connecticut

Here's a few shots of the kids waiting for Weights and Measures this afternoon, and getting ready to go out for an afternoon ride

Cutest pony in the universe...

And, finally, a few shots of the storm clouds.  And the pockets of blue sky that moved in.  And then left again.  And then came back.

Storm clouds over the VIP tent and the dressage arenas.  Competition was put on hold for more than an hour while we waited for the worst of the weather to pass.
Very welcomed patch of blue sky

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