Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photos of things NOT CCI

Once again I was out and about today, taking care of President's Cup Pony Club kids, Shetland Pony race kids, dog agility friends, and more.  Here's some things you might have missed if you just sat by the main arena watching stadium jumping...

OK.  Fine.  If you were sitting by the ring you saw this, too.  Kylie Lyman and Trading Aces, during their victory gallop.
Kylie was all smiles
President's Cup Pony Club kids all in the ring for their final award presentation
The Gummi Bears, from Kentucky, take home top honors in the President's Cup competition.  Nicest kids EVER.
PRO Riders and Shetland Pony riders pair up for the Pony Relay
Here come the kids, rounding the corner and (hopefully) getting ready to stop and hand their pony off to their PRO rider
Will Faudree just barely beats out Clark Montgomery, in a final sprint around the last turn.  Then Will went and rode his three star horse in stadium jumping and placed fourth in the competition.  Wonder which was more fun?
The ladies were a little bit slower
And had some saddle issues.  They called for a re-match
Thanks, kids!  You guys did great.
Wait, WHAT?  You didn't get down to Kids Corner to race a stick horse??  You'll have to come back next year, then.
Free dog agility lessons were a hit all weekend long
This little dog didn't need lessons.  He was a natural.
Yay, through the tunnel!
I did actually watch some show jumping.  This is Henny, who I am hoping will post his Run Henny Run helmet cam video in the next couple days.  Henny and Peter Atkins finished 11th.
And finally, here's Becky Holder and Can't Fire Me.  They pulled just one rail in stadium and finished in second place.
I think Shannon Brinkman has run off to the Pan Am Games, being held next weekend.  So I'll try to get some more photos from her.  But if I don't succeed, check her WEBSITE in a few days to see what she has posted there.

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  1. Hello! I am in the picture with the little tri color dog (who didn't need lessons haha) in the agility ring. I was wondering if you had any pictures with my other dogs? A bigger tri color border collie and an all black older dog. If I'd love it if you could email them and the one of my little dog, I love pictures of them! Great reporting on the whole weekend! Awesome pics!