Monday, October 10, 2011

Mum's the Word

It was mum day at Dansko Fair Hill International today.  And straw day.  And put sides on the tents day.  And quick finish mowing before it rains day.  AND.  And!  The first day horses were allowed to move in.  Finally!  Signs of life in the stabling area, making us all realize that, wow, we'd better hurry up and get finished with set-up because this event really is happening.

Mum unloading near the Main Arena

First jump, in FHI yellow

CCI** competitor Melissa McMaster's stall is all set up and ready for her mount, Flagmount's Sterling Prince.  The only thing missing is the horse himself.  Melissa said the big 17.2 hh boy is spending one last night in his pasture before stuffing himself in to a stall for five days.

CCI*** competitor Gina Fiore's mount Feral Errol is here, though.  And looking around for more friends - the rest of his barn was pretty much deserted.

I'll swing by stabling again tomorrow to see who else has arrived.  Stay tuned!

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