Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Wrap-Up, Video, PHOTOS

Just in case you didn't get enough coverage from the 2011 Dansko Fair Hill International...  here's some links to more!

EVENTING NATION posts a fun video from our announcer, Brian O'Connor

USEF has a recap of the two star and three star winners

And here's USEF's update after Saturday's cross country

Nothing hugely new here, but here's a wrap-up from HORSECITY

A little local angle from THE EQUIERY

Here's a great blog posting from three star competitor EMILY BESHEAR

And a posting from DOUG PAYNE, about the seven billion horses he rode at Fair Hill

And, finally, thanks to EVENTING NATION for posting Doug Payne's helmet cam video.  Yay!  Love some good helmet cam footage.


Oh, wait!  I just checked SHANNON BRINKMAN'S website and she's got CCI** photos posted.  Three star is coming soon, so check back!

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